British Star Actor Of The Future

Interviewee: Daniel Kofi

Daniel recently played the supporting role in Starliner, which featured with critical acclaim at the Vancouver Film Festival. Trained in London & Vancouver, Daniel is proving a popular actor with film-makers for his down-to-earth London tones and myriad talents, from acting to singing to modelling to dancing (and he can even kick a football somewhat professionally). Here Danny talks to Alexia James about Canada, Britain and his golden future. 

Q: How was it studying at film school in Vancouver, Canada?

DKW: At Vancouver Film School (VFS) it was an amazing experience. If I could do it all over again I would – 100%. It’s brought a whole new different level to my acting and my film knowledge. Working with great coaches, teachers and having guest speakers coming in to talk about the industry so I’d be prepared for the real world once I graduated.

Q: What would you say is different about Vancouver compared to London? Acting and lifestyle.

DKW: Acting wise – in London we like to do a lot of method work. Method acting. That’s what I was used to when I studied at the Italia Conti Arts Centre. It’s a technique of acting in which an actor aspires to complete emotional identification. But in Vancouver, it’s the complete opposite. They don’t really believe in method acting. It was more about the heart, mind, body and soul. How do we connect with human behaviour and use that to portray in our scene(s), our voice and body.

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Q: What made you become an actor?

DKW: I’m a huge fan of story telling. But I think the main inspirations for my acting are other human beings. People are interesting. Their stories are fascinating and alluring to me. Their behaviour. Their minds.  What makes them think like this or that? How stories have a huge effect on this world. So that’s what made me so interested in this field. I just love true story telling. I love going deeper into things. And I believe it all started with us. As creative individuals. Either from our own past or present – or imagining and visualising. Then it suddenly becomes real and truthful.

Q: Now you were in Canada when the election was going on. Now that Justin Trudeau has stepped into office for Canada, what’s it been like?

DKW: Huge development I think. Canada is a really peaceful, friendly country. I think it’s become even more so since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has come in. He’s not boring. He’s a fun and great character. He has given Canada a better name abroad and a more youthful face. I think Canada has a bigger status – seen as a great country now.

Q: Any projects you were a part of when you were in Vancouver?

DKW: Yes, I recently this year was a part of a short film named ‘Starliner’ and played the supporting role. It played at the Vancouver International Film Festival centre (VIFF). Also a voice project on a film named ‘Tori’s Isolation’.


Q: Favourite actors/actress right now?

DKW: Kevin Spacey, Denzel Washington, Cate Blanchett & Eddie Redmayne. I could go on but these are the one’s I can think of off the top of my head.

Q: Do you have any other hidden talents besides acting?

DKW: Ha, yeah I have a few. Play football here and there. I’m also a musician, play the drums. I started learning around the age of 10 years old. I have been gigging out for about a few years now. I also did ballet, tap, Morden, jazz, hip-hop dancing in my college years.

Q: What has been your favourite movie of this year, 2016, and why?

DKW: I would have to say, Spotlight. I think it’s been the best movie of 2016 for me. The story telling is amazing. And there are countless dramatisations that claim to be based on actual events. It’s dramatically true. Plus, it did win Best Picture at the Oscars.

Q: In 2017, what can we expect from Daniel Kofi  and look forward to?

DKW: I’m writing & soon to be producing my own material, so hopefully expect some of my work to pop up a lot more in 2017. I can’t say much more at this stage about future commitments. Watch this space!


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