Which of Ken Livingstone’s Aides Celebrated 9/11?

Last week, Country Squire Magazine ran an interview with Atma Singh, former London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s Lead Policy Adviser on Asian Affairs (2001-2007). The interview was picked up by The Daily Mail and The Sun newspapers, amongst others, who approached Mr Livingstone. In the interview, Mr Singh mentioned that on September 11th 2001, he was sitting in the Mayoral Press Officer’s room with Mr Livingstone watching the attacks live on television when he was disturbed to see some people in the room cheering the events. Mr Singh was not willing to state on record who was cheering the attacks (which is fine, and here at CSM we respect the rights of our sources), so we sought answers from others who were there in the vicinity at the time. We found matching stories, which corroborated Mr Singh’s interview answers. Here, in his inimitable style, CSM’s interviewer, Dominic Wightman, presents these findings to Ken Livingstone and explains in simple links and diagrams why – despite his denials –  to some of Livingstone’s aides an attack on America was their warped political fantasy come true. Below, Wightman also shows why their reaction that day shines a light on the cancer currently eating away at 2016 Labour. A cancer that Labour’s opponents owe a duty to the great majority of sane & civilised Brits to expose and expel forever from all of Britain’s corridors of power. 


Mr Livingstone,

I have little time for you. Let’s get this over with.

You’re a has-been politician with a Tourettes-esque passion for mentioning Hitler. A Bolshevik flake who Margaret Thatcher properly saw through when she abolished your profligate GLC in 1986.

It was Blair who allowed you a resurrection of sorts. His decision to install a London Mayor gave you the chance to come in from the cold in 2000. That was a huge mistake. Being brought back under the Labour umbrella in 2004 was simply a pay-off – to placate the Far Left that has burdened Labour all these years – the same Far Left which is now finishing the Labour Party off a mere century into its existence.

When you were asked by The Sun last week if you could recall your aides celebrating while watching 9/11 live in the Mayoral Press Officer’s room, you did what comes naturally to you – you lied:


sun-1st-december-2016-142-pm(Quotes copied directly from The Sun, 1st December 2016)

Of course, your obfuscation was characteristically daft and lazy. You were in Singapore for 7/7 in 2005 and you were in London in 2001 in the Mayoral Press Officer’s room in Romney House, Westminster for 9/11. You said so yourself to the New Statesman back in September 2011 for the decade anniversary of the cowardly attacks on America which killed 2,996 people including 67 Britons.

Then, when the Daily Mail came enquiring in response to our interview with Mr Singh, you attempted to do what the Far Left always tries to do – kill the messenger (in this case, Mr Singh) by mentioning he was “ill”, as if he happened to be a few tiles short of a full roof. (When you Far Left rats are cornered you’re never short of a mental health smear now are you?)

daily-mail-0126-2-december-2016(Quotes copied directly from The Daily Mail, 1st December 2016)

Made Singh leave? Another bare-faced lie. Not like he was fired! (You should know the definition of fired after all, Mr Livingstone. If not, ask LBC)

Atma Singh left his office on the basis of a signed Compromise Agreement. So, he was not sacked. A Compromise Agreement forcing him no less – to waive his right to pursuing claims against the GLA for racial discrimination inside the Mayor’s Office.  It was Singh’s disgust at how you and your team treated Islamist terrorism that was at the heart of the issue. Your recent comments that the 7/7 bombers “gave their lives in a protest at Britain’s invasion of Iraq” neatly sums up your and your team’s stance towards the most cowardly of terrorist perpetrators – those who purposefully go after innocents.

I appreciate, sir, that you are 71 years of age – like good cheese, you’re only just now getting mouldy enough to be interesting. Your memory is likely not what it used to be in and around 2001. So, let me remind you of that crucial and tragic day fifteen years ago, when those Al-Qaeda-hijacked planes attacked our greatest ally – our cousins in the United States of America.

In that Mayoral Press Officer’s room at the time – and this is public knowledge (we have multiple corroborations as your days of getting loyalty out of anyone but your newts, Mr Livingstone, are long gone) – were a constant 7 people:

  • Ken Livingstone, (you were then Mayor of London FYI)
  • Jude Woodward, she was then the Mayoral Officer responsible for policy on culture and the creative industry
  • Atma Singh, then Mayoral Policy Adviser on Asian Affairs
  • Anni Marjoram, then Mayoral Policy Advisor on Women’s Issues
  • John Ross, then Mayoral Economic Adviser
  • Emma St Giles, then Mayoral Press Officer and later senior policy adviser on the creative industries.
  • And X (let’s refer to X in a way you’ll know him personally. Old Jamaica)

Now, let me set the scene to help jog your memory…

As the attacks unfolded on TV that day, you were deep in conversation with John Ross about the possible impact of the New York and Washington attacks on the London economy. Other apparatchiks and contractors entered and left the room before the viewing broke up. You mentioned that the Met Police Commissioner was on his way to New York but his plane had to turn around.

Do you recall the scene now? (That’s right – in London not Singapore).

OK, good.

Now for the only bit of good news for you, Mr Livingstone: You did not – I repeat did not – celebrate the attacks in any way. Nor did sensible Atma Singh.

So, that leaves 5

Let me help you picture the 5 remaining candidates using a really simple diagram you will likely be familiar with:


Now let’s play some Cluedo shall we, Mr Livingstone?

Your turn.

So, John was deep in conversation with you about economic affairs and Old Jamaica did not celebrate the attacks either – as he has family members living in the US, who were living there on September 11th 2001. Like all decent Brits, he felt a deep sense of solidarity and sadness with America that day.

So, that leaves who, exactly?

That’s right, Mr Livingstone.

The ladies. In the Press Office. With the television.

But hold on a sec.

According to all accounts of the day only 2 aides were celebrating… I count 3 ladies present.


So, which two of the three left were the sick, twisted individuals who celebrated Islamic terrorists attacking our closest ally America?

You could just save time and have a look online across forums and social media at this point, where it seems a former security guard at the Mayoral Office, amongst others, has let slip the answer. Or, rather than short-cutting to find the odd one out, why not ask yourself a little riddle?


What’s blue black & purple all mixed together, Mr Livingstone?


Got it yet, Mr Livingstone?

Found the final innocent out of the 7?

Penny dropped yet?

Of course it has. Olympic effort!

Now, keep calm. Deep breaths. Don’t drop the H word.

No need to rush out and chat with the newts just yet… because I’m not done with you yet, former Head of the rotten GLC.

I want to talk to you about Socialist Action, how you put it on the public teat during your Mayoralty and how you’ve blindly parked a bomb under today’s Labour Party. (Reading it will help to explain why Labour so desperately want you out).

My explanation of why these “Ken’s wimmin“, as they were known, would behave so obnoxiously as they did can be found hereMr Livingstone, you may need to get a cuppa for the next part as it’s detailed and goes on a bit. On second thoughts, pour yourself a Scotch. 

11 thoughts on “Which of Ken Livingstone’s Aides Celebrated 9/11?

  1. This man is out of control. As well as being expelled from Labour his administration should be looked into. This Singh man and the other whistleblowers deserve a medal.

  2. A Labour supporter I know says that these Trotskyites who have infiltrated Labour are going to destroy it. Seems your piece is prophetic.

  3. Patrick, FYI Dom Wightman says he’s been pursued by Frank Furedi’s lot for a decade and does not give a damn. All their smears got them were a series of police interviews. After ten years of those t****** on his back he will enjoy any further carnage.!!! He says “all the best”

  4. To the author, Mr Wightman. The Far Left do try and kill the messenger. Expect a round of blog and possibly other attacks from the Commies.

  5. The crucifixion begins. The celebration of a terrorist act should be considered a crime. Ken’s “wimmin” should be ashamed of themselves. Ken himself not reprimanding this heinous act shows complacency with their actions. Ken, you’ve been caught dead to rights. Before dropping the “H” word, apologise. Dementia isn’t an excuse at 71.

  6. Beyond brutal. That was an assassination. How do these idiots think that working in politics they are going to get away with celebrating a terrorist atrocity? They are as dumb as can be.

  7. I do believe that somewhere in London Ken Livingstone just reached for the whisky bottle!

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