Jammy Sessions


The Democrats’ witch hunt against US Attorney General Jeff Sessions for what they describe as lying under oath about contact with Russians during last year’s Presidential campaign has reached fever pitch.

However, unless there’s a bombshell between now and the end of the weekend, it would seem that Sessions is destined to survive.

As far as political take-downs go, the Democrats’ latest one has been half-cocked and amateur. There is no doubt that the Trump campaign showed a degree of naivety – as might the political campaign of any political debutant – by reaching out to too many people as it fought the US establishment, much of the Republican movement, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, an incumbent Obama and a mainstream media who became increasingly hostile to the idea of President Trump.

However, the Democrats’ lie that the Russians somehow control the White House is increasingly being shown up as a nonsense – the Democrats are desperate to connect President Trump to Putin’s Toxic Russia in any way they can and, as Trump’s knife is out to fire Obama place-men across multiple departments and especially inside the US security apparatus (where Obama acolytes number up to 30% in some agencies), they are getting desperate.

Should Sessions have mentioned his bumping into the Russian ambassador during the election campaign – meetings Sessions describes as standard occurrences while sitting on the US Armed Services Committee? In retrospect, yes he should – he could have nipped this issue in the bud there and then and brought forward witnesses to confirm any communication was unrelated to the campaign. A politician of his experience and guile would likely have suspected that these meetings would eventually be exposed by hostile forces. Or he took a political gamble and thought it easier a subject to defend once already Attorney General. I suspect the latter.

It’s the rank amateurishness of the Democrats – yesmen and women who grew fat and ineffectual during the Obama years – that really stands out here. If handled better, Sessions would have been gone by now, especially considering the significant number of Republicans who were also unhappy with his appointment as Attorney General.

Surely no less professional an attempt at a political take-down has been seen than that by Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill this week, who took to social media with breaking news on Thursday that in her 10 years sitting on the Armed Services Committee she was never involved in a call or meeting with the Russian ambassador. Ever.


Yet, while a member of the Armed Services Committee, McCaskill met with the Russian Ambassador in 2013 and 2015! She admitted so herself at the time….. on Twitter!


Worse, she even had a photo taken at one of the meetings (red arrow for the Russian ambassador and green for McCaskill):


As with Westminster – in an age when brainboxes like Cat Smith, Andrew Gwynne and Angela Rayner can get into the Shadow Cabinet – there is a crying need for political candidates to take IQ tests and score at a level higher than might a horse.

Politics getting dumbed down helps no-one – Machiavelli will be turning in his grave right now at the drones and career politicians who have turned the machinery of government into a fat, grey blob.

Political take-downs require cunning, timing and guile. Sessions is a lucky man (so far) in that so many of the Democrats suffer from too much yardage between the goal posts. They couldn’t swat a fly let alone an Attorney General, who could well go on now to become one of America’s greats.

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