Outrage Merchants Hit CSM


It may come as a shocking surprise to our new found friends – the outrage warriors – but Country Squire Magazine is not advertising-driven and was never intended to be. That may come as a cruel blow to those twitterati who have spent their summer Saturday writing off to the various “advertisers” who have their banners splashed across the Country Squire Magazine website. One would hope they might get out and enjoy the sunshine more.

For the ill-informed, the old advertising model for news and current affairs websites – e zines – went out in the last decade. For online advertising to really work you need to spend your time writing clickbait for a blog like the Independent or thinking up cunning memes for the likes of Buzzfeed. You need millions of hits, not mere hundreds of thousands.

Not our bag.

Jim Browne’s Ireland article on Thursday seems to have offended a nation. Judging by the replies we have received at the magazine, most complainants never read Jim’s article. They just joined the outrage bandwagon as presented by the Irish Times in its choice collection of tweets for a news-free August. The outrage warriors went after our “advertisers” not realising that the only ad income the magazine has taken in has been from WordAds and that pays for no more than a decent bottle of Macallan. Our funding arrangements are a world away from their targets.

What planet are these jokers on? Where do they invent their narrative? In a bar? On some illegal high?

How the magazine is financed is actually none of the Outrage Warriors’ business but their campaign of outrage is a glorious fail. And we’ll always allow for Country Squire Magazine to be the platform for some ideas and views which will, by their nature, attract a right to reply. Which we will always give – CSM is a platform for all.

It goes to show the difference between the real world and that of the keyboard warriors.

Calling Jim’s article “racist” is as unintelligent as it comes. How can an article that has a go at the Irish Taoiseach be racist? How can having a go at Ireland’s dingy bars and puppy farms be racist? Calling Rathkeale “a small Irish town swollen by the proceeds of crime” is racist too? (Perhaps someone should have a word with the leftie Independent about that who used those very words about that town in February last year well before Jim’s article was published?)

Some have complained that “hurdy-gurdy” is racist! The less ignorant know full well that the hurdy-gurdy is a stringed instrument that produces sound by a hand crank-turned, rosined wheel rubbing against the strings. It can sound like the worst of mother in laws (or father in laws for that matter).

Yet in recent days many have called Country Squire Magazine “racist”.

Grow up.

Get a life.

Get an education.

Read the magazine.

We fight racists at every turn.

So, to hell with the outrage warriors and the “offended” Irish celebrities.

Whether you like Jim Browne’s piece or not – and we have messages from Irish readers (and some Irish celebrities) who loved it – then that is a matter of taste. You may not agree with its content – and you may dispute its facts – so write a right to reply as so many readers have done. We will publish the best one on Monday as promised.

Let’s finish with the words of Martin from Ireland who wrote in with the following (which if we had to write an editorial about the subject would be where we as an editorial team stand in relation to the Republic):

Jim Browne writes the most “sparkling” prose. His knowledge of Ireland is considerable (deeper than he “lets on”). I do however feel he is being a too unkind to us Irish in general. As the larger much more powerful state the U.K. could undoubtedly do the Republic (oddly Cromwellian motif, is it not) terrible damage. This would however do quite a bit of harm to the U.K. also. This would be a pity for us both. As to his charge of Irish “disloyalty” I would refer him to the words of W.S. Churchill “we have always found the Irish to be a bit odd, they refuse to be English”. Despite this four men from my county won V.C.’s during WW2.

Well done and continue to ruffle those feathers.


Yes, we will continue to ruffle feathers, Martin. Thank you. That is what Country Squire Magazine is often about. We’ll say what others daren’t, and we’ll fight on. We will not be closed down or silenced in any way by the outrage bus full of keyboard warriors. We will continue to stick our necks out with thought-provoking and sparkling content. We’ll have the outrage mob for breakfast.

So, to those who are genuinely somehow offended by Jim’s piece, chapeau.

Genuine apologies from the Squires.

To those who are part of the “offended” crowd – or just struggling journalists desperately trying to prove their worth to newspapers who do rely on the old advertising income (good luck with your Sunday article, Mark) – then you can go take your advice and, frankly, stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Good evening to you all.

Enjoy your Saturday evening and the rest of the weekend, wherever you are – from wherever you herald.