Correction & Apology

On 10th August 2017, we published an article entitled Get Stuffed Eire, which has since been removed by our editorial team. The webpage that featured this article showed a Land Rover advertising banner. No advertising has been placed by Jaguar Land Rover or any of its agents, and no permission was granted to reproduce and Jaguar Land Rover trademarks or copyright images on the website.

We apologise for the publication of this banner and the infringement of Jaguar land Rover’s trade marks and copyright images. We confirm that Country Squire is not connected to or affiliated with Jaguar Land Rover in any way. The views expressed by Country Squire on this website are not endorsed by Jaguar Land Rover.

Finally, we apologise for any misleading remarks made by Country Squire Editorial in the article “Outrage Merchants Hit CSM” (12 August 2017), regarding misuse of intellectual property and potential infringement issues relating to the banner, which were inaccurate.