Resolute, Trump


From Anglophile Donald Trump’s seat at the Resolute Desk – a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880, built from the English oak timbers of the British Arctic exploration ship HMS Resolute – Britain does not seem so friendly after all.

One would even forgive President Trump looking across the Atlantic these days and preferring Monsieur Macron to Mrs May as a partner with whom to strike deals.


  • May’s Government, it seems, authorised continued spying on Trump and his team, at the behest of President Obama and Susan Rice, even after he was elected as the 45th American President. Even Boris Johnson was involved. If true, as it seems to be, then the UK owes not just Trump but the American people a massive apology, and a UK inquiry into what happened must surely be made public to see which British individuals were involved in the decision-making process. Was George Osborne involved in the original requests, perhaps?
  • Trump suffers an almost continual public barrage on social media and in the press from the weaselly Sadiq Khan, who somehow got elected as Mayor of London. Khan forgets that he does not represent the British People and there are a growing number of Editors stroking their beards over those skeletons – the interests he and his law firm previously served – so the whole world can best see what a noxious piece of work this platform-sporting political shrimp actually is.
  • The Royal Family continues to be extraordinarily badly advised about President Obama. Recent Prince Harry love-ins with the Obamas seem increasingly skin-crawling as it is becoming obvious by the day to even partisan observers how rotten to the core the Obama Administration actually was. Obamagate is well on the way. Invites to Royal Weddings aside, why on earth would the Royal Family continue to be seen anywhere near the Obamas when surely those astute Royal advisers must see what is around the corner? The “unmasking” scandal is the big scandal that will be seen to have badly affected British interests as well as loyal and decent Americans.
  • Finally, the sight of a Corbyn-led Labour Party, albeit fading as its true intent becomes clear, so close to Government in the UK is enough to put off any investor, let alone a nation under Trump capable of delivering one of the biggest deals in history after Brexit. To those with sharper vision, the sight of David Miliband and his rotten coterie waiting on the sidelines, in some kind of reincarnation of Soros’ Hillary, is the stuff of nightmares. 

From Trump’s desk, Britain looks sick, perhaps. Certainly Britain seems too unfriendly too often.

The good news is that best friends are capable of making up. Weak and spineless leadership can be replaced by sound and authentic leadership once Brexit has been delivered. British public opinion is not reflected by mobs on Twitter. Britain is at heart still sound, still ingenious and, in tumultuous times, some leeway should be given to a best friend who resorts to repetitive occasional dumb behaviour. The rise of a sound UK Opposition to squash the Corbyns and Milibands is feasible – a great opportunity for Britain and, as they watch on, Britain’s European friends.

Britain is not sick. Not at heart. Look how with heart Brits voted for the Brexit that helped shape and embolden the Trump wave.

But right now, in the free-for-all that divided Brexit Britain has created, there must be a reaching out between the best of old friends – above the noise – and opportunities should be seized with this President who loved his Macleod Mother dearly. As he sits at the Resolute, in his heart of hearts he knows from where the timbers grew and from where true and mutual growth shall herald in the future, as sound as the English Oak. Never from bloody France!

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