Their Love Beyond Religion



He would pray with open palms,

And she would join her hands to Thee!

He would mount the skullcap with elan,

Her scarf would cover the wind-hit hair,

The Azaan and temple bells would ring aloud,

Same way as they used to giggle together, in peace.


And at the end of it all,

They would watch the people,

Stare at them in surprise….

As they sat…

He wearing a skull-cap and she adorning a red Tilak,

They would try devour their solitude,

With fiery, anger-laden eyes,

They would try devour their love,

With pointing fingers and raised voices.


And then came the fateful day,

When they took him away,

And she was locked too…

But after every such move, they changed no hue.

Their bond only got stronger,

With the passage of time,

And the love got deeper,

With every visit to the shrine.


He stood by his faith,

And she stood by hers,

The faith that was there in each other,

The faith that the world could never shiver.


His green was in the leaves of her garden,

Her saffron shone in petals that adorned his garden,

And the rainbow of their love…

When united in the spectrum,

Threw one Divine White Light…

That belonged to no Religion!

The Divine light that guides us all,

Same Divine light that discriminates none at all.


Today they stand together,

Against all odds,

Today they stand united,

To beat all odds.

And speak just one thing aloud…

Not in my name, shall you spread the hatred,

Not in my name, shall you paint discord.


The Rainbow of LOVE will only get deeper with each storm,

Because the LOVE knows no region or its any norm,

So…divided by religion, but United in Faith,

WE stand before you, live examples of Faith.

Our faith in each other, is not an easy game,

But our faith in each other…needs no name.

So let’s paint the world with our Rainbow of Love,

Because HE who guides you, knows no religion above.

Copyright: Mahima Sharma 

The Author is an Independent Journalist & Ex-Senior Journalist with CNN-News 18, ANI (a collaboration with Reuters). 

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