Torbay Update


Despite protests from certain Torbay council officers, councillors and, notably, employees of the planning department, the Country Squire Magazine Torbay investigation continues apace. Still, the evidence continues to accumulate, and we are grateful to Torbay residents and those formerly employed or elected to the council for the accumulation. We are glad to see that the council has taken some remedial action, at least in the planning department where an army of inspectors is required rather than a handful of planners drafted in from nearby Plymouth.

The news from the Squires is twofold:

First, we are working alongside national media to get to the bottom of a story which dates back all the way through to the early 1990’s – one of deep-rooted corruption based around certain individuals acting in concert for their own selfish interests rather than those of the people of Torbay.

Second, we are working with our legal advisers and a police force to ensure that as a publication we do not overstep and possibly wreck the chance of prosecutions.

That is all we have to say for now.

Those who are rattled by the investigation are hereby warned. Do not, as others have done, think that your cheesy Torbay “mafia” techniques will have any effect on our publication. We don’t do fear. You are mingy minnows compared to what we have come up against in the past. And we must confess we do have a penchant for seeing cowardly bullies weep when they are exposed.


This investigation became too big for us. We’ve handed it over to a team of professionals. Since the recent local elections displaced some of the perpetrators, we’ve received reports of shocking corruption and sinister goings-on in Torbay. The latest from one of the investigative contractors on the ground sounds promising:

“The list of those involved in the corruption continues to grow. There are some big names involved and this has become a national story. Certain recordings could make this an international story,” said Ashley Sims based on the ground in Torbay.

We wish the investigators luck. We feel proud to have got the ball rolling. Let’s hope the authorities can clean up the bay.