The Slow Death of Fair Play


If one chooses to look through the annals of sport – and team sport in particular – it isn’t hard to see the influence that the United Kingdom has had right across the entire world. It appears to be something in which we excel – the creation of sports that is – even if not very often in the playing of sports we, as a nation, are answerable to for creating.

The long list of sporting pastimes that have been born British bears testament to two aspects of the nature that we were once synonymous with: codification for one; we do love our rules and regulations, don’t we? But for rules and regulations to work, in that people feel compelled in themselves to follow them, it takes appreciation of another aspect of the British collective psyche – that of Fair Play. We must be onto something. Peoples from all four corners of the globe both appreciate and meticulously follow those elegant rules and regulations to the letter. This should be a matter of continuing national pride.

However, it is sad to say we now risk witnessing the death of sport in slow motion. And no – that is not hyperbole. We are watching it wither on the Post-Modernist vine and before too long it could be dead for all intents and purposes. How so?

It is the noxious mind-virus of postmodern neo-Marxist transgenderism that hammers the nails into the coffin of our sports at the behest of revolutionary zealots, insane and timid virtue signallers and the morons that fail to understand the end game in all of this.

The neo-Marxists want to destroy sport. Just that. They want to destroy it because the meritocracy of sporting prowess in itself proves their theories about people and society wrong – much as history does, and that is the reason they want history rewritten and destroyed too.

In the run up to the World Cup – which we ALL know is the world’s largest sporting event and is watched by billions on every continent – think on this…. EQUALITY OF OUTCOME.

Where does that principle leave our World Cup now? Even worse – in a world without borders – who would even play in the World Cup when the very notion of nationhood has been destroyed? It takes an outstanding team of outstanding players and an outstanding manager to win this most coveted of trophies – but the insane Marxist mindset believes in chopping the tall poppies down to regulation height. Everyone MUST be the same. It could be engineered I suppose – each and every match resulting in a 0 – 0 draw…. everyone a ‘winner’ and no losers. We are ALL disabled. Women and trans and men ALL thrown together. It is a veritable nonsense, is it not? Monty Python were before their time in predicting one-sided madness in sports …

We all remember being picked for teams as youngsters, don’t we? There was always a gaggle of types left at the end – destined always to be picked last, either by virtue of an intrinsic lack of talent or for the fact they were physically less able to compete for one reason or another. And it is these exact people that represent the tail that now begins to wag the dog, and they are targeting the lowest hanging fruit in their ‘cultural revolution’, namely women’s sport.

Yes, mediocre men with plastic breasts (for that is exactly what you are) are – at this very second – demoralizing little girls across the world and discouraging them from competing; from striving for a level of personal excellence; from trying to win by being outstanding and training long and hard with focus and dedication. What’s the point when a frankly mediocre man who would be incapable of competing at any serious level with other men can simply swan in on a tide of slack-jawed ‘affirmation’ and easily smash all and every single female record with ease?

Poor women. Poor girls. They are on a hiding to nothing – and now in the hands of those that actually like to see men give women a hiding for money, as in the case of the malodourous Fallon Fox, the transgender male making a living out of violence against women to the undampened applause of the repugnant transgenderists that support him.

Do I sound sexist?

I can say all of this, you see. I am legitimated. Why? Because I have been through it all. In Modern Britain a few years ago I had my genitals removed because a ‘Doctor’ lied through his back teeth to conduct a series of psychological and medical experiments on me at the taxpayers’ expense. You intact men and women cannot refer to Mr. Fox as a man as YOU will most probably be deemed to have committed a hate crime – it is my lack of original genitalia that renders me Kryptonite to these insane, unhinged zealots. I am unarrestable on that score, it seems.

And the very last thing that the increasingly powerful neo-Marxist transgender lobby want is a thorough examination of exactly what they are up to – and I pity the hangers-on that have been duped into supporting this sinister movement which now increasingly targets our children for conversion therapy. I as an Adult was led to believe that I suffered a medical condition when in reality I was being experimented on – a political condition imprinted upon me. Our poor, innocent kids can’t think for themselves at all….

Once women’s sport has been effectively destroyed, just how long do you think it shall take them to move onto men’s sport? The World Cup itself is likely now in its death throes if we, as a society, do not reject the overt insanity of neo-Marxist transgender ideology – and reject it wholesale soon.

There is nothing fair about allowing men to beat up women. Or just beat them – at everything – and then add insult to injury by pretending that these pathetic excuses for men are ‘really’ women. They are not. I know they are not. I have met far too many of them and know how insidious they are and what kind of a world they want. Trust me, we give these people an inch as a society and they shall take not just a mile, but as much as they can in their insane march towards destroying everything we hold dear – from sport to the family to childhood itself. Do you really want men in your daughter’s shower?

History pays testament to the fact – by way of innumerable mass graves – that Marxists do not play fair and their red lines waver, often written in innocents’ blood.

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