The Bitter Momentum Conference


It is now the last week in September 2018, and it seems that many still refuse to accept the Democratic process. Look over at the Momentum Conference (it’s not a Labour conference, is it?) going on in Liverpool this week. It’s not as if in last year’s election people voted for these Trotskyites, is it?

Labour is just depressing these days for former Labour supporters like me.

The Labour Left have embraced the sheer insanity of identity politics, where a weak, wobbly politician like Sadiq Khan can be elected London mayor simply by being Muslim. Jeremy Corbyn, despite being a psychotic antisemitic psychopath, still has a chance of becoming PM of the UK and implementing such horrendous policies as a full-on inheritance tax, despite the fact the UK has a welfare state. It’s ironic that as a longstanding Eurosceptic Corbyn essentially lied against his own beliefs to tow the party line and support Remain before the referendum. Not the first time he’s been caught lying, is it? Remember that Virgin train? Remember the wreath laying? See where my questions are going?

“Socialism,” writes Darren McGarvey in Poverty Safari: Understanding the Anger of Britain’s Underclasses, “is as far as I understand, about providing a decent quality of life for everyone in society… because I was a socialist, this meant I was more moral and compassionate.”

Here, in a nutshell, is the problem with every Corbyn supporter. They are convinced they are correct, and not only that, better people than Conservative voters who tend to work for a living (often not in the Public Sector in some nationalised, bureaucratic, inefficient money-sucking department Corbyn loves). But the fact remains: in a capitalist society like the UK that still includes a Welfare State to help the disabled, unemployed and mentally ill, Corbyn’s brand of Hard Left Socialism is complete insanity and cannot possibly work, based on the misguided theory of equality of outcome not equality of opportunity.

Corbyn does not represent the losers. He represents the bitter losers in our society.

Just because somebody is angry about losing, Mr McGarvey, does not mean their anger is in any way justified. As he writes early on (despite five-star reviews from Mercedes Marxists Irvine Welsh and JK Rowling) “People like me don’t write books – or so my head keeps telling me. ‘Write a book?’ it sneers over my shoulder, ‘you haven’t read enough of them to even attempt such a thing.’ It’s true. I am not a habitual reader of books.” Book burner perhaps?

It is self-pity and laziness that inspires socialism, especially Corbyn’s anti-Semitic Hard left politics. How much money do you need? The socialists want everything for free. Capitalism doesn’t ensure you will become rich, it just means you will be afforded the opportunities you are entitled to if you have worked for a living. And to defend Brexit means to defend Democracy, which is about as important for the UK as anything in modern history.

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