Around the Bend


So, did you hear about the latest EU Directive? Apparently, some poor chap had an accident on a farm. Yes, farms can be dangerous places and accidents will happen. Don’t worry! The European Union to the rescue!

In some no doubt well-appointed office somewhere on the continent, a group of faceless bureaucrats have taken it upon themselves to use this accident as an excuse to induce yet more wanton destruction on our liberties. They have issued forth a decree that farm equipment capable of ‘transporting’ a Human Being should be insured.

Seems reasonable when you put it like that, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. Not at all.

Dig further into this idiotic proposal and it isn’t long before a rich vein of insanity is exposed. The problem is that the term ‘transport’ is simply SO vague that almost every single vehicle is swept up in the vast over-reach of this proposal, and the fact that farms are private property and the wording, by all accounts, is simply so obtuse, that no patch of land, nor any kind of vehicle is not covered.

So – and think on this – golf carts, quad bikes, garden tractors. They all need insurance. Even disability scooters. But here’s the real kicker on this lunacy – even Formula 1 is caught in this dreary authoritarian net of red tape.

Now the insurers themselves are speaking out about just how impractical this nonsense is. The very notion of having to insure a car that is designed to reach speeds of over 200 miles an hour in a competitive sport that is prone to accidents with the vehicles themselves rigorously designed to withstand impacts at extremely high speeds on privately owned race-tracks should be patent nonsense and perfectly obvious to all. But no – those kindly, unelected people sat in that anonymous room in Brussels or Strasbourg have magnanimously made a decision on behalf of all 500 million people under their jurisdiction. They know better you see.

One question that should also be asked…  if every single tractor across the EU has to be insured – along with every other contraption used in the food production cycle from combine harvesters to drones – just how much is that going to impact on the price of food on the supermarket shelves?

This is an ill thought-out proposal. At worst it is a calculated way of tightening an ever strengthening grip on people’s lives as the decrepit edifice of the EU slowly crumbles down around the ears of the over-paid officials of this unaccountable and authoritarian cabal of faceless, unelected morons.

This directive must be stopped in it’s tracks… it is simply round the bend.