Labour: Beyond Trolling


It’s well-known that Jewish Voice for Labour exists to tackle allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party, not actual antisemitism. And the head of this dreadful organisation of Corbyn shills is a woman called Jenny Manson. Manson has admitted she “started the organisation for two purposes (I would say), one was to work with other Jewish organisations (that I’ll mention on behalf of Palestinian rights), the other was to tackle allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party.”

Here she is admitting this in a recording (please do not vomit at the comment “whatever we think of England” at 04:16):

Manson has previously said in a tribunal that Livingstone’s claim that Hitler supported Zionism – for which he was found guilty of bringing the party into disrepute – was “true”.


Manson said that Naz Shah’s “Relocate Israel into United States” Facebook post – for which Shah was suspended, and which Shah accepts was antisemitic – was “quite funny”.

And here’s John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor (at 29 minutes and 55 seconds) declaring his respect for Manson earlier on this year, “hoping she is going to put her name forward to stand for Labour in Finchley eventually”:

Now, think where the largest community of Jews can be found in London. If your political party was looking to avoid causing ructions there – against the backcloth of well-founded and proven accusations of antisemitism – who would you put forward as a Labour candidate? A Christian perhaps? A Rastafarian Jamaican? A true representative of the Jewish constituents? Or a shill to the Corbynites’ antisemitism, of which the constituents are so fearful?

The last. Unbelievably.

Labour is antisemitic to its core under the leadership of Corbyn and McDonnell. So, they have put forward … Jenny Manson.

With Jews across Britain already making plans to leave Britain if a Corbyn government were to ever take power, this is beyond trolling. This is deliberate provocation of an evil kind. Of a Lansman / McDonnell / Corbyn / Murray / Milne / Khan kind. Provocation by Britain-hating, Jew-distressing lowlifes, who at some point in their tawdry careers got radicalised. By a block vote? By some crafty Islamist? In the name of post-modernist Marxism?

Either which way, the Jews of Barnet should drive these snakes out of their borough. They’re in town this week. Give the bastards hell….