Letter to the Brexiteers


Dear Messrs Rees-Mogg, Davis and Johnson,

I write to you at a time of deepening national crisis. The realm needs defending, and you might be the only three men able to do so.

The hour is late, not just for Brexit or Theresa May, but for Britain herself. This comes as a direct consequence of the Prime Minister’s prevarication, and spectacular ineptitude in terms of Brexit negotiations: a consequence you clearly recognise, judging by the tone of your recent open letter to her.

It is abundantly clear that all three of you have lost confidence in her stewardship. With Davis and Johnson both resigning senior cabinet posts this summer, and with the steadfast Rees-Mogg (whose honesty I doubt has ever seriously been impugned) being downright critical of the PM, something has gone horribly wrong.

Incompetence can always be forgiven, sabotage cannot. In 1999, when Gordon Brown famously sold half the nation’s gold reserves with gold prices at a 20-year low, he compounded the error by announcing the move to the market in advance. Theresa May has managed to make that look positively nuanced. In May, we have a leader whose every manoeuvre has been to capitulate before the opening bell has even rung.

Folding pocket aces as she has at every turn, May has continuously found ways to stymie Brexit – possibly with the hope of serving her term before the dirty deed has been finalised, and saddling some other schmuck with the legacy. When Donald Tusk recently hinted at a Canada +++ deal which had genuine Brexiteers drooling, May firmly stated that Chequers was the best thing since EU-compliant sliced bread. We should have realised the game was up long ago.

But exactly how much of a shock is all this? May is a Remain PM, operating with a Remain administration. Her plan it seems, is to make a deal so bad that leavers finally see the folly of their ways, and are left running for the warmth of the EU jail cell (assuming they haven’t all died off in the meantime). Surely, you must now see that her position is untenable?

I sympathise enormously with how you must feel, watching from the wings as catastrophe heaped upon catastrophe is sold as progress. When would it be the right time to make a move? Even a successful coup would come with enormous challenges: how to unite a divided party? How much would you be blamed for disloyalty, disruption, and of course the added bonus of being saddled with a bungled Brexit. Yes, that’s got all the appeal of a Corbyn half-sucked Werther’s Original – I understand why you didn’t fancy it.

Now however, we have reached a tipping point. The PM finds herself under additional fire this week amid revelations that she is perfectly willing to extend the Brexit transition period for another year, and possibly pay an extra £20 billion in order to break the ‘impasse’ over the Irish border. This is not Brexit, this is the final straw.

Brexit was a brave move in a coward’s world. It was a bid for freedom, a cry from the heart, a yearning to live by the sword and of course if necessary, to die by it. It is not the first time Brits have taken such a stand, but I fear it could be the last.

As principled men, for that is what you are (although in the case of Boris this may manifest itself in a certain degree of flexibility), you now have a duty to go further than mere words. It is time for you to unite for the good of the nation. With Rees-Mogg more cerebral than a dozen Aramises, Davis a fine elder-statesmanlike Athos, and Johnson who could pass for Porthos in his sleep, it doesn’t matter so much which order you come in – but come you must.

The first order of business is ousting the worst Prime Minister in living memory – you all know it’s true. Whatever other qualities she may have, May is a traitor to the British people, and while treason no longer carries the death penalty, such a betrayal must at the very least exact a political death.

Reneging on the expressed will of the British people on a matter of this magnitude will not be forgiven. But so too will failure to effect course correction via a leadership challenge have far-reaching repercussions.

Fail to act now and you not only demonstrate great weakness, but also apathy; apathy that will inexorably lead to defeat at the next general election, for I fear the nation will have no choice but to kick you out of office.

Fail to act now and you condemn the nation to a hard-left rabble of a Corbyn government, united only by their hatred of Britain. A government which freely admits its desire to crowbar open our island’s borders once more; a government with no intention of defending Britain; a government hell-bent on a second referendum, which I doubt leave voters will have the stomach to fight; a government which will happily bankrupt us in the process.

It is now crystal clear that Theresa May will never deliver Brexit. It is also clear that she will never again win an election, scraping through the last one as she did, by the skin of Arlene Foster’s upper molars.

For all that you hold sacred, I implore you now to band together. Stand up for Britain; defend the will and command of its people, and protect our nation from those that would contest its sovereignty without and within.

This is not the time to consult polls, to take soundings or to plan strategies. It’s time to do the right thing, and that means stepping up. Britain deserves better, and she needs you now. Cometh the hour, cometh the men. That hour has come.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Haviland


Frank Haviland was born in London, and educated at Dulwich College. After a brief spell in the City, he obtained an MSc in Social and Applied Psychology. He has been many things including a professional juggler, businessman, and English lecturer. Haviland is concerned that Britain (and the West generally) have fallen to the lie of equality (the false notion that everything is, and must be seen to be of equal value). He has recently finished his first book (outlining his theory), which is due for publication later this year. Frank has lived in South Korea since 2011 where he runs a small English school, and writes occasional articles about the damage of political correctness. A selection of his work can be found here: www.frankhaviland.com@Frank Haviland