The Worst Leaders We’ve Ever Had


It used to be that we’d laugh at America. Our cousins across the pond could snaffle Britain’s best scientists and engineers, they could come up with economic miracle after economic miracle – but they would always pick an idiot as President. When we Brits faced crises we’d come up with a Churchill or a Thatcher while the Americans stumbled from one fool to the next with no respite.

Our luck ran out.

Let’s face facts, Theresa May is utterly useless. Her Brexit deal is taken straight from the manual for suicidal negotiation and is one of the worst cop-outs in British History. If May were to be hit by a bus today and be judged by history tomorrow, then her premiership would go down as one of the very worst of all time. (Lord North, you are forgiven for losing America – on Tuesday May shall be trying her damnedest to lose Britain.)

Meanwhile the Labour Party might as well be run by Fidel Castro or Gerry Adams. What the hell happened there? The Labour Party is now infested by Marxists and postmodern Derrida-fanboy nihilists, who want to overthrow capitalism and hate all that is good about Britain. Corbyn is a traitor with more love for extremist Islamists than he has for the average Brit. These fifth columnists do not represent “labour” and their ranks are replete with middle class haters, who baulk at the George Cross and would not be seen dead in a working man’s social club.

The Liberal Democrats are a sham. Sir Vince Cable is so rubbish as their leader he has now decided to offer up the leadership of the party to outsiders. To judge just how lost they are, even the dreadful Gina Miller turned down the leadership role.

As for UKIP, what can be said? The leadership of that party has descended into an ex-con Prince’s Trust away day. Gerard Batten, after a promising start, has taken a Jaguar and turned it into an MG ZR. Surely it’s just a matter of time now before UKIP’s donors pull the plug and those sane remnants of Farage’s UKIP (Margot Parker, Ernie Warrender etc) run for the hills. Tommy Robinson at least has some brains – what on earth are oafs like Mike Hookem doing anywhere near the top of a political party that has any pretensions of power? UKIP lost its way and its sanity when it lost its talented treasurer Sebastian Fairweather – now all UKIP’s weather is foul.

As for the other parties – the exception here is surely Arlene Foster who is holding the UK together by her leadership of the DUP – the Greens have two leaders apparently (no idea who the hell they are, and who the hell cares?), the SNP is run by Rosa Klebb with a direct line to Putin, and Sinn Fein has never been worth wasting one’s breath over.

What the hell went wrong, Britain?

From now on, let’s drop the PC, post modern neo Marxist intersectional nonsense which has led to us being incapable of ever having an MP like Churchill – someone who can show some grit and guts at a time when leadership is required. Let’s make our MPs do 15 years in the real world doing real jobs (not working as trade unionists or as fluffy PR professionals). Let’s cut their number by half. And give them twice as much salary, so we stop hiring these spineless, characterless, louche muppets as MPs.