Down the Remoan Hole


The last 48 hours have so rattled Camp Remoan that they have reached a whole new pitch of shrillness. Polly Toynbee cracked off proceedings with this pearl:

Then things went beyond batshit via a mad Irishwoman – a politics “lecturer” by the name of Jennifer Cassidy:

Most people have never heard of Cassidy and likely never will again. Nonetheless, she’s got previous on Brexit and it turns out – clearly a politics rather than a history lecturer – she’s something of a bigot to boot:

Some bright souls in Ireland have heard of Cassidy, so it seems:

So, why are the #FBPE extremists suddenly losing the last of whatever plot their splintered cadres plotted?

The fact is they realised on Wednesday night that there was no way that Theresa May was going to be barged out of Number 10 and that the DUP were now calling the shots as the clock ticked down on a No Deal, likely some form of managed No Deal. They realised Labour under Corbyn is utterly incapable and, frankly, noone ever believed that the EU – let alone treacherous, weaselly Varadkar in tandem with Project Fear and Tony Blair – could ever sway the British public into pressuring their MPs into voting for either the EU stitch-up deal so demolished on Tuesday evening, or a second referendum.

To lose once is bad enough. But to lose all over again – as the Second Vote nuts are about to – makes one a veritable loser. That, Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazineis why these anti-Democratic also-rans are going bonkers… just as the scab was healing on 2016’s vote, they can see it’s about to be ripped off again and this time the scar, and their social media histories, will mark them for the foreseeable.

As the hours and days pass to Brexit night, let us enjoy more and yet more of these temper tantrums, as Remoaners explode one by one in a mounting chorus of harakiri hysteria. The volume across the board – as the EU seeks rapid, further unification, James O’Brien loses his voice (hear the Nation shout Allelujah!), Alastair Campbell considers renaming his grand oeuvre “Winners”, Lord Adonis gets rejected by I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here because he isn’t, AC Grayling buys hair dye, and Anna Soubry calls her own leader’s actions a farce (just hours after voting for May in a vote of confidence) – shall rise to hysterical decibels and then it shall be no more… cacophony replaced by silence punctuated by sobbing. As the diehard remoaners start on their funeral march back to reality, the rest of us (Brexiteers and sane Remain) shall wake up in a sovereign kingdom we can build and enjoy together again.

So, thanks be to God for the DUP.  These are blessed isles indeed!

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