The BBC’s Packham Liability


The BBC have been using a special get-out-of-jail card dreamed up just for presenters such as Chris Packham and Gary Lineker, who like to engage the British public on social media. This card enables Packham to be their torch-bearer for left-wing animal rights fundamentalist ideology (an ideology that has had some of its adherents jailed for terrorism in recent years). The BBC classified Packham as a contractor and thus he is not restricted by BBC guidelines on impartiality and – as he is not an employee of the BBC – he is allowed to express his views and opinions freely. So he is free to generate discontent through falsehoods that ultimately lead to obsessed fanatics framing fake news under the BBC emblem. See how it works? How do the public know if Packham is speaking on a BBC programme or not?

Look at Packham’s actions on News Years Day, he is not sat in an office giving his view “I think hunting is cruel” but stood in front of the New Forest Hunt being videoed for his pinned tweet that so far has garnered 763k views – no doubt retweeted a lot by his 284k followers. Packham infers the New Forest Hunt are about to go fox hunting and animals are still being illegally killed. When in actuality the New Forest Hunt are going trail hunting and no foxes were killed – that’s not just an expression of a personal view, but a downright lie and severely compromises the BBC’s impartiality as Packham makes no effort to show that his published filming is for some other channel or organisation, nor does Packham’s Twitter account carry any kind of disclaimer about views being private or the like.

So here are the facts for viewers of the BBC (and of Packham’s other content) to consider:

  • The vast majority of foxes killed are by accident and this is not an illegal act.
  • Accidents occur when hunt saboteurs turn the fox back into the hounds or use gadgets such as horns to take the hounds off the huntsman and into the path of a fox. When this happens, saboteurs only show the edited highlights, after the fox has been attacked, to hide their responsibility.
  • Saboteurs know the police and judges will see through their edited highlights so make up the establishment are against them and instead show the edited version via left wing news outlets.
  • These self-styled monitors (saboteurs is a better word for them) are following in the footsteps of Terry Hill – the number one monitor of choice from the charity the League Against Cruel Sports, who presented false evidence against circuses in a similar manner in the nineties as was revealed in this magazine.
  • Fortunately, Derbyshire, Cheshire and now Devon police have seen through the saboteurs’ lies and mischief – and have said as much in press statements, or on their websites.


  • There has only been one successful prosecution of a registered hunt (Packham’s target) since 2015, and even that is going to appeal.
  • Professor Stephen Harris is the saboteurs’ “expert witness” of choice, who “misrepresented science”.
  • It is not true to say that foxes are still being killed illegally by registered hunts, as Packham wants you to believe. The successful prosecution figures simply don’t stack up.
  • Of course those townies in the higher echelons of the BBC love Packham and will defend this man – who really does not represent the countryside – to their dying breath (which, metaphorically, should come soon as the Licence Fee is the next target for the people after Brexit).