Labour Police Commissioners Facilitating Sabs?


So the Labour-supporting Cheshire PCC held a review into public concerns over hunting. And, naturally, he received tremendous support from local Labour politicians. Why?

Well, for one, it was their party that took a one million pound ‘bung’ from IFAW/PAL to ban hunting in the first place and with a 250k ‘bung’ before the 2010 election and another 250k ‘bung’ before the 2015 election, the party’s support is unequivocally guaranteed.

A worker from IFAW described the bung in Hansard as such:

“Don’t let anyone tell you this was not a quid pro quo exchange. It was. I have the clearest recollection of having lunch in the garden of my farm in Somerset and answering the telephone from the United States to be informed that IFAW officials had done a deal with Peter Mandelson and Jonathon Powell whereby IFAW would put up one million pounds and the Labour Party would make a manifesto commitment on hunting

Labour is full of antis. From Chris Williamson to Barry Gardiner.

Of course the Cheshire review has to be triggered by public concern. Just that we all know it’s the same worn out scam of a trigger the animal rights groups have been pulling for over 70 years – documented in the first ever hunting inquiry in 1951. There is not a hunting problem in Cheshire and the PCC is wasting public money to suggest there is:

Over 26 months there were 44 hunting incidents nationally – let alone in Cheshire -that might have led to a hearing in court – further this equates to 0.0066% of incidents requiring a Police response over the same period. Ergo hunting is not a major problem.

Our biggest concern is not the review. Our worry surrounds the Cheshire Police Commissioner publicly ticking off the Chief Constable on his website for allowing the police to inform the public that anti-hunting social media posts were in fact lies. Apparently the comment made by the police was inappropriate, only it wasn’t – we responded by providing both the PCC and the Chief Constable with irrefutable evidence the comments made by the police on the untrustworthiness of the posts were in fact accurate. We then kindly asked the PCC – given the current evidence is not in his favour – could he please remove his statement. Needless to say it’s still there hoodwinking the public into believing hunt saboteurs are the Greek god Veritas – and he is proven to be a lying bigot.

Cheshire, do you wish to re-elect your lying PCC?

The problem here is that the lies spread by Cheshire’s PCC are wasting police time and costing the taxpayer unnecessarily.

Just a week previous to making that request to the PCC, we were contacted by a hunting mate, who had just had the police visit after two members of the public had read information on a hunt sabs face book page and complained. It so happens he had recorded the event as well on camera – two minutes later the police were leaving after been shown what really happened. What a waste of public money.

And then just this weekend past we had the evidence of the two main anti-hunt social media protagonists embarrass themselves over the case involving the huntsman from the Blakemore and Sparkford Vale hunt who ran into a protester on his horse in 2016.

The Huntsman was acquitted, need we say more?

And now the Pro hunt fraternity have discovered cameras work both ways, here is Terry Hill from the charity the League against Cruel Sports attempting to fix up a Scottish Hunt by claiming they have no guns in the area?

Perhaps – instead of taking saboteurs word for gospel – the Cheshire PCC should consider why Hunt Saboteurs are featured in a book called Environmental and Animal Rights Extremism, Terrorism and National Security. Could it be that in fact he is facilitating terror?


Is he aware of ARNI (Animal Rights National Index) a special police operations group setup to monitor the activities of animal rights groups in the eighties? How about the Petersfield Blood Bath in the late nineties? Seven van loads of Hunt saboteurs unload from vans tooled up with baseball bats and set about folk and property at the meet of the Hursley Hambledon. What about the ‘Brixton Mob’, a gang of thugs from Brixton that went into the countryside to harass and intimidate hunts every weekend specifically to cause trouble with the ‘snobs’? Not forgetting the firebombing of department stores that sold fur and the letter bombs sent to Hunt masters.

This terror came to an abrupt halt around 2004 when three special operations – Achilles, Fortnum and Aries – were mounted, These operations resulted in the arrest of 184 the most violent fanatics for such matters as firebombing, harassment, intimidation and threatening behaviour.

Proper policing. Good use of taxpayer funds.

What history has shown us is the more these extremists/activists get away with their abusive and criminal behaviour, the more they push the boundaries of their extremism. And this is why we have a problem with the PCC’s statement, he is giving the extremists credibility that will, as proven in the past, lead onto more violent and abusive behaviour.

He should be doing his job. Or just do the decent thing and find another one.