The Innocence of Mary Chipperfield


Imagine you’re a famous animal trainer from a world-famous circus dynasty stretching back 300 years. Now imagine your mother is in critical condition in hospital and your close friend, confidante and the person you could rely on most to look after your beloved animals is dying of cancer.  To compound matters, your daughter is having problems of her own over in Germany requiring you fly out to give her assistance. Matters surely could not get any worse but at least you could rely on the support of your staff to whom you believe you have given a helping hand. Surely, they would step up to the mark while you go through this traumatic period in your life?

There is Stephen Gills, your beastman – you gave him a chance to make a new start and, in your presence, he displayed a kindness and understanding of the elephants that pleases you. You know finding someone to work with elephants and understand them is a rare gift. However close friends do relay their concerns at his previous (but distant) murder conviction, but you tell them “everyone should be given a helping hand sometime in their life” and in any case he is “good with the Elephants”.

Then there are the two new trainees, Spike Stocker (Real Name Terry Hill) and Rachel White, they have told you they are prepared to work for low wages in return for accommodation and the chance to see and learn how animals are trained – a very nice proposition as Spike has previously worked in the circus industry.

Now imagine this scenario – as your mother and close friends lay in hospital beds seriously ill and you have to visit them as much as possible you are told by the new recruit Spike Stocker that Stephen Gills your beastman is being cruel to the elephants and he’s beating them unnecessarily. Around that same time you’re told on two separate occasions by different family members, they have now compared notes with other circuses that Spike worked for, and they are sure he is a plant and looking to undermine both you and the circus industry in general. (See Note*)

Welcome to the world of Mary Chipperfield before she was ruthlessly stitched up by Animal Defenders International.

Note* It became apparent Spike Stocker and ADI could not find the dirt they hoped for on circuses as they treated their animals exceptionally well.  So they set about fixing them up by causing animals to fight, locking them away when entrusted to exercise them and set up scenes of filth in the flesh house, all so he could video and make out it was the circuses at fault. This is from a statement from Alex Lacey who employed Spike for a short period:


Spike was left to look over the lions and tigers while Alex worked no less than 30 metres away but out of view. All of a sudden the Tiger attacked the Lion. Alex went onto say:


Mary – an animal person and not a people person and thus not the best judges of character – is not in the best position to go sacking staff at that precise moment in time, for animal needs are daily and constant. She is pinned into a corner because of her mother’s and friend’s worsening health. She naturally takes Spike’s side and tears a strip off Stephen Gill. She threatens to get rid of him if she hears or witnesses any such beatings and surprisingly dismisses her family’s concerns over Spike on the basis, she has nothing to hide anyway.

This was a common mistake made by all of the circuses at the time until some began joining up the dots. Because although it is said Spike was secretly filming, that is not the case – he was seen walking around on many occasions with his ‘expensive camera’, he had plenty of opportunity to film the good side of the circuses. Dickie Chipperfield for instance would sit and play with his lions on a near daily basis.

Little did Mary know while she was visiting her sick friend and mother with Roger Cawley, her husband, Spike and Rachel were down the pub with Stephen Gill getting him drunk and winding him up then filming his antics later in the elephant barn.

How do I know all this? A long-time friend and co-worker of Mary’s for 20 years, called David, witnessed this all happening. He had spoken to the Landlord of the pub, he knew exactly what they were up to and he was to be the key witness in Mary’s trial. Only something happened. The preceding trial over-ran on the day he was to attend court and give evidence – the case was put back. He was told he would be contacted, he never was. Who was at fault for not notifying a key witness, someone that could blow the lid on the whole stinking setup?

Mary was in no fit state to make any kind of reasoned decisions, she was receiving piles of hate mail every day. The police were forced to check Mary’s mail, her brother was sent a letter bomb and her very sick mother a poisoned jar of jam. It was the jar of jam that broke Mary – she was desperate and could not understand how the press and public had so vehemently turned against her, as she had done nothing wrong.

David was with Mary when she was supposed to have beaten Trudy unnecessarily. He remembered the day clearly – he went to Croft Farm as a matter of emergency. Rosie Chipperfield, Mary’s Mother, was not expected to last much longer and he was going to visit her with Mary for what he thought would be the last time. Mary had flown back from Germany where she was also helping her daughter with her problems and she met David at the farm. They just had to put Trudy to bed before they went on their way to hospital, David accompanied her to the barn, on the way down she turned to David and said:

“Someone is doing something to Trudy”

On arrival at the barn he saw what she meant. Trudy, on seeing Mary, had a tantrum and needed coaxing to bed. Mary found a child’s riding crop used by the youngsters at the farm on their ponies and used this to prise Trudy out of a corner just by tapping her and used kind words, “come here” “come here” she spoke, softly. Mary then had trouble closing the door to Trudy’s sleeping quarters and had to kick a fair number of times to free it up – this was later portrayed by Animal Defenders International and the press as Mary kicking Trudy in the back. David was stood next to Rachel as she filmed and can tell you the truth, the door was jammed and that’s what Mary was kicking in that particular incident.

David’s voice can also be heard in the ‘mockumentary’, “The Ugliest show on Earth”, along with Mary saying “That’s *** times that happened”. Animal Defenders deliberately distorted the number of times Mary states Trudy has played up as they don’t want the public to know problems only started happening while they were on site.

After just tapping Trudy with a whip, as witnessed by David, Mary leaves Trudy’s pen and calls Trudy a cow and says if you want trouble you will get it from me. The same words uttered outside 100,000 children’s bedrooms on many nights. Only those parents are not on their way to see their mothers for what short time they were told she had left.

You can now see the importance of keeping key witnesses away from media show trials.

So just why did Trudy just start to play up?

If you watch the ‘mockumentary’, “The ugliest show on earth”, at 18:47 the person chasing Trudy across the pen with a whip is not Mary. Rachel White had blond hair and was roughly the same height as Mary. Animal Defenders, it was known, employed a trick of putting on the clothes of the trainers and going into the pens to give the animals the impression it was the trainer. It’s well known in the circus industry Spike had pulled the exact same stunt months earlier at Dickie Chipperfield’s to impersonate Dickie, and Mary’s work clothes were easily accessible in the unlocked porch next to the house.

So who do you think is that someone?  “Someone is doing something to Trudy”

Regardless of what antics ADI were up to, Mary Chipperfield with her wealth of experience and knowledge of chimpanzees still has to discipline Trudy for her tantrums before she gets out of hand and perversely Mary knows she has already bitten the hand of Rachel White. This is serious because that’s where chimps go for when they attack – face and hands. She knows more than anyone else in the world the sheer strength and ferocity of a chimpanzee attack – she witnessed a trainer losing both hands to chimpanzee attacks at her father’s.

While the pathetic, left-wing press were selling stories of ‘Baby Trudy’, Mary remained resolute. She told the press she had done nothing wrong and she wasn’t dealing with a ‘baby’ but a potential Rottweiler.

Mary’s experience and knowledge are borne out on a regular basis both in the wild and in captivity and, thanks to Youtube and social media, we now see Chimpanzees not only brutalising one another and committing infanticide or attempted infanticide but attacking humans in captivity. One recent ferocious attack in the USA left a women in a critical condition and when Frans de Waal, the lead biologist from the Yerkes National Primate Research Centre was interviewed, he said:

The chimpanzee has strength for a human that is utterly incomprehensible. People watch pro wrestlers on TV and think they are strong. But a pro wrestler would not be able to hold a chimpanzee still if they wanted to. Chimpanzee males have been measured as having five times the arm strength as a human male. Even a young chimpanzee of four or five years, you could not hold it still if you wanted to. Pound-for-pound, their muscles are much stronger. And the adult males, like Travis—unless his were filed down—have big canine teeth. So you have a very dangerous creature in front of you that is impossible to control.

Where are the experts now who portrayed Trudy as ‘Baby’? And then to clarify what Mary said about a Rottweiler and taking into account Trudy was just 18 months old Frans de Waal said:

“Having a chimp in your home is like having a tiger in your home. It’s not really very different. They are both very dangerous”

At the show trial, Jane Goodall the world-famous chimpanzee expert described Trudy’s surroundings as cold and sterile, from videos she was shown. Back in the real world – from a signed statement never produced in court by a French animal trainer:

“I worked with Mary for 5 years…I was there when Trudy was born. Mary raised her in the house until she was old enough to be around other chimps, but Mary would take her every day to the house or for a walk, she really loved Trudy”

David, the long-time co-worker of Mary Chipperfield, said that when he visited Mary before this all happened Trudy was either up at the house with Mary or out back in the pen playing with her siblings.  That does not sound very cold or sterile to me.

Interestingly the French trainer went onto say in the statement:

“I was shocked to see the video of Mary, it’s easy to show only what you want in video. I worked with those Animal Defenders for 10 days, I didn’t know who they really were but they were not animal people. The Tigers didn’t like them, the Lamas and camels didn’t like them. The chimps didn’t like them, it makes me wonder why.”

With the benefit of hindsight we now know why.

When Mary went to court, she was the only expert in the court room that day and she was stitched up.

Animal Defenders International. Time for you to go to jail.