TIG is Pointless


Yesterday’s news that TIG MPs are being thrown off select committees marks the beginning of the end for this group of “People’s Vote” campaigners. The Ex-Labour ones are already in the process of being unseated by Momentum. The Ex-Tory ones are not welcome in their own constituencies. In short, TIG is gone. Why? They are merely an extension of the EU – and when Brexit finally happens (by hook or by crook) the EU has no place having representatives in the UK Parliament. If a General Election happens, they’re going to win no seats.

Let’s understand what the EU is by reading a quote from Revolting!: How the Establishment are Undermining Democracy and What They’re Afraid Of” by Mick Hume:

“The EU itself is definitely not pro-European. Since its inception as the European Coal and Steel Community in 1953, then the European Economic Community from 1956, to the European Union since 1993, one consistent value endorsed by the EU elite has been anti-democracy – the creation of a system that separates power and control in Europe from any expression of the popular will. The EU’s aim always was and remains not to ‘represent’ the peoples of Europe, but to constrain popular sovereignty and democracy. The European Union is not Europe. It is the anti-democratic union of Europe’s political elites.”

Umunna summed up his views on leaving the EU in the Independent on 9th November 2016, a little under three years before the TIG breakaway: “Both Donald Trump and the vote leave camp epitomised post truth politics”. He is the Spokesperson of the Independent Group.

Ex-Tory TIG Anna Soubry went further when she told the BBC on 24th June 2016 “the Brexit campaign has unleashed a latent wave of anti-immigrant racism.” Her position for the TIGs is Spokesperson for Brexit and Justice. (Obviously nonsense – the idea that a vote against the EU is a vote against immigrants.)

The rest of the TIGs are irrelevant. Not even worth mentioning.

Anti-Corbynistas and Anti-May MPs are the bite behind the TIGs, but since there are only eleven of them, The Independent Group will go down in UK politics as one of the most foolish ideas in Westminster’s history – as little more than a cult.

Umunna stated that for the initial TIG meetings, the members had to implement MI5 tactics to prevent any leaks. He used codewords in his diary and the initial 7 met in secret locations as they plotted their defection from the Conservatives and Labour. Ummuna stated that the need for middle left, middle right and central politics was imperative. This makes the TIGs Liberal Democrats as opposed to anything particularly revolutionary – and look how well the Lib Dems are doing.

The TIGs have some wild ideas like the loony Lib Dems. With characteristic “vision” Mr Umunna has pledged to bring back a form of “national service” for all school leavers, change the voting system, change the House of Commons into a horseshoe-shaped chamber and turn Westminster into a museum. Those policies will be popular – not. He has already written his new policies into a pamphlet and the TIGs are preparing to release their manifesto by the General Election in 2022. These are loopy ideas, impossible to implement, and as much as the TIGs are enjoying their notoriety and fame, they have no chance of succeeding. The TIGs currently have 11/650 in the House of Commons and 0/781 in the House of Lords – their policies are about as relevant as those of the Greens.

Since a second referendum is about as likely as the world turning out to be flat, what will happen to the eleven TIGs?

They chose to break away for ludicrous reasons, some mad theory they could reverse Brexit and change the political structure of Westminster at a time of high stress during the Brexit debates. The reality is that 11 members of parliament who’ve joined essentially a wacky club (MI5 techniques aside) can only face annihilation, even if another Tory Minister of State (who allegedly wrote a “lovely” letter to Umunna) decides to join and become TIG number 12.

My guess is they won’t change a thing, and the TIGs will drift into anonymity before falling apart completely in scenes of hair-pulling and infighting – permanently losing their political careers in the process.

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