Winners Don’t March


The Put it to the People march on Saturday in London was the latest in a series of “second referendum” marches against Democracy, although this time there was more honesty on display about the true motives of the losers’ vote they propose – multiple placards openly stating “let’s revoke Article 50”. It was more sizeable than previous marches according to the impartial and dispassionate BBC. It was a joy to behold so many people getting politically active. Still, one can’t help but wonder what the point of them all being there was? Some form of communal therapy perhaps? Maybe – in the unlikely scenario that there is a next time – they should try ear candling or Ho’oponopono?

Meanwhile, according to the continuity remain narrative, Nigel Farage’s march is petering out in some grotty pub somewhere up North rendering the zombie #FBPE crowd cockahoot that “momentum” is now with them and that our Prime Minister has delayed Article 50 (at time of writing not yet), if only for two weeks.

So let’s pop some bubbles, shall we?

First, momentum depends upon the variables mass and velocity. In terms of an equation, the momentum of an object is equal to the mass of the object times the velocity of the object. The mass of an alleged million remoaner marchers and 5 million virtual petition signatories (many of whom are iffy / repeated / joke) does not stand much chance against 17.4 million Brexiteers plus the worn-out and angry Remainers and businesses who just want the result of the EU referendum enacted now. Think of an annoyed porpoise swatting away a squawking seagull and you get some kind of an appreciation of where true momentum lies.

Second, Winners don’t march. Why would they? They won. Winners shake the hand of referees rather than protest in their face. What is there to protest about? They may well celebrate in the streets when Brexit is enacted. They may hold parties across the land to mark the return of sovereignty to these isles. But why would they march? As it stands both main political parties have said in their manifestos that they will deliver Brexit and in Great Britain Democracy wins – it’s the shining beacon many countries across the world look to when their own house is in disorder.

Third, Nigel Farage is not representative of many Brexiteers. He may think he is but that is his misjudgement – not the verdict of many of those who voted for Brexit on June 23rd 2016. His little march seems to be a pub crawl – a blurring sequence of stops only distinguishable by brands of pork scratchings and circumference of floaters. Most Tory Brexiteers think Farage is a gobby ass, although secretly smile at his demolition of Eurocrats. Many UKIP people admire Farage for what he has achieved – often describing him as a phenomenon – but in private they also talk of his paranoia, out-of-control costs as leader and his fondness for poppy-lopping anyone who came close to threatening his leadership when he was UKIP leader. Many Brexiteers are Corbynites. Others are Thatcherite. Some are libertarian and think very little of Farage’s politics, often described as socialist conservatism; policies drafted on the back of a fag packet in an industrial unit in Heathfield.

Fourth, if Brexit were to be thwarted by Parliament, Brexiteers will not march. They will riot. They will be so angry they will seek to make Parliament redundant. They’re already fuming and that is on account of a potential two-week delay. Though their actions can never be condoned, it is understandable why the go-slow Brexit trucks were on the motorways on Friday evening giving notice to the powers-that-be; that choking the M25 for weeks will be far worse than the Remainers’ Project Fear. There are endless numbers of trucks, tankers, tractors and trailers which can be driven into position on our roads to end the impasse and bring down any remainer government in weeks. Fortunately, our parliamentarians are not so encircled by their bubble that they do not know of the mayhem they could unleash if they failed to deliver Brexit. The nightmare of Sadiq Khan ordering the deployment of plastic bullets against tweed-wearing farmers parked up in tractors on the North Circular will have Tory MPs breaking out in a cold sweat.

Finally, you are who you follow. Let’s look at the speakers at Saturday’s march, who seem as sound as freelance Iranian funeral mourners. Michael Heseltine and Dominic Grieve of Europe, Anna Soubry of Majestic Whines, Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell of War Crime Avoidance, James O’Brien of Marxist Bla, the Islamist Sadiq Khan, David Lammy the Patron Saint of Racists, and Max Mosley’s Tom Watson. Each have reasons aside from selflessness to be riding this bandwagon. Their appeal in London is not felt elsewhere. Even on Twitter, while #PeoplesMarchVote trended top during the march both across London and national trends, by 6pm it was down the bottom on national trends below football and boxing hashtags – maintaining its predominance on London Twitter only. It is a sorry shame that a million people in Britain (if that is really the number) marched thinking they can throw away the Democracy that our ancestors struggled so hard to achieve. Fortunately their impact was ephemeral.

Travelling around the counties of Great Britain one gets to meet the great masses of “the plain people” as the more condescending cadres of Camp Remoan would have them called. Some are wonderful, some are not. Others are politically aware, others are not. Some can be violent, others cannot. For some the sole victory of their lives was voting on the winning side for Brexit. Deny them that victory and the only plausible consequence is that they hunt the thieves of Democracy down and seize their merited prize for themselves. Until that state of fairness is achieved – save duty to Her Majesty rather than a Government which dishonours her name – why should a soldier be a soldier or a policeman a policeman? Stamp on the very foundations of power – on the democratic vote of the British people – as the marchers tried to do with their feet on Saturday in Whitehall, and the people metamorphose into slaves once more. Law becomes watered down. Freedom loses its shimmer. Parliament shall have blood on its hands – and in this land, after all the bloody lessons History has taught us, that shall be unpardonable.