Prejudiced Purgers


What have Sven Van Hasselt, Greta Thunberg and Chris Packham got in common? They are fanatical campaigners and, incidentally, they all have Asperger’s syndrome. And that’s the part we just don’t understand, we in the UK have gone to great lengths and expense to investigate, diagnose and better inform the medical profession on certain types of conditions and disorders. They are more than ever better equipped to recognise the symptoms and behaviour in members of the public. They name the conditions and those with the conditions are happy to accept that as an explanation for their behaviour from ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Bipolar, Asperger’s etc. So why do we take the views and opinions at face value of those with the conditions knowing full well a typical symptom of Asperger’s for instance is not having the ability to see the big picture?

The website, Asperger’s & Autism Network, profiles those with Asperger’s have difficulty:

“Seeing “the forest for the trees.” Seeing the big picture due to a tendency to focus on the details of a given situation”

Why are our lives being dictated and in some cases ruined by those displaying the most spectacular bare-faced hypocrisy which is a direct result of them being incapable of seeing the big picture?

Take Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old environmental campaigner from Sweden – she takes electric trains and buses everywhere to inform politicians of her concern. So where does the power come from to put the electric into these buses and trains? What about those toxic batteries that will need disposing of, what about the plastics that made the buses and trains? What about the trees chopped down to make the roads and railways, the habitats destroyed? The list of destruction is endless. Here’s a thought Greta – with modern technology why not hold a Video Conference from your house?

Now onto Van Hasselt. He hit the headlines for carrying out terrorist attacks on pharmaceutical companies across Europe. He used firebombs and sent sanitary pads claimed to have been contaminated with HIV to employees. He made hoax bomb threats and blocked email and phone systems, he was jailed last year for five years – a pitiful sentence for his crimes. He said after sentencing he was a troubled soul and wonders how on Earth he got involved. perhaps because he can’t see the big picture? Was that why you were involved, Sven?

Packham’s hypocrisy is legendary – a staunch member of the RSPB and the League Against Cruel Sports. The League make their money by convincing people foxes are not pests and do not need culling as they control their own numbers. Meanwhile the RSPB are shooting up to 500 foxes over a two year period to protect ground nesting birds just so Chris and his mates can stare at them for hours on end. A glaringly obvious conflict – people are rarely members of both these charities.

Now Chris and his partners in crime Mark Avery and Ruth Tingay (under the auspices of Wild Justice) have pulled a master stroke – they have forced Natural England to suspend the general license at a time most critical. Now, if you have crows pecking out lambs’ eyes or destroying rare waders’ eggs, the RSPB will have to apply for an individual licence to cull the culprit. No doubt this will be granted after the damage is done. That’s why fox control is carried out mainly as a preventative measure – the farmers know the fox will try and take their lambs, so shoot them before they can and that way losses are kept to below 1%.

Of course Packham focuses on the small detail and – hooray for him – he has stuffed the shooters and the farmers (he is vegan anyway). Only what he doesn’t realise is, as he can’t see the big picture, he has stuffed himself at the same time as there will be fewer rare birds for him and his mates to stare at. And there is one thing birders love more than anything and that is rarity in birds. Look how they clamber across the countryside to look at a rare species blown in from the continent on a storm. So Chris has saved a few pest raven and crows only to shoot himself in the foot.

Why are folk taking the views and opinions of these myopic people at face value?

To be fair to those with Asperger’s they tend to be intelligent people and often make great contributions to society. The problem is they also tend to be literal, perceive a very narrow view of situations and often take a ‘black or white’ stance. In an increasingly nuanced world, a binary perspective is shallow, divisive and rarely provides solutions. It is important that they are called out when the damage they do is tangible. just as damaging acts of others should be exposed. Truth always trumps political correctness.