Court Not Hate


The Far-Left Group Hope Not Hate’s defeat in the High Court on Wednesday was significant. As the Jewish Chronicle noted:

“Hope Not Hate have apologised and been ordered to pay costs to a Jewish woman after falsely accusing her of being among a group who attacked a London socialist bookshop. The organisation published an article in August 2018 claiming that there was video evidence Sharon Klaff was among a group of around 12 who entered Booksmarks in Bloomsbury as staff were closing and filmed themselves chanting far-right slogans tearing up magazines and knocking over displays.”

(Klaff’s a tad four-wheel drive for some but brave. It’s great news that she won and further confirmed Hope Not Hate’s charlatan status.)

Should we be surprised by these fringe Far Leftists’ blatant lies?


The activist modern Left – to varying extent Postmodernists – believe truth is relative (so they can tell lies) and debate is pointless, because objective truth, reason, empiricism and debate are concepts which support white, male-dominated capitalist society and are therefore flawed. Today’s Marxists want to deconstruct existing society to “liberate” oppressed groups and this process allows no space or time for the individual (which, incidentally, explains Labour’s slogan “For the Many, not the Few”).

The only way of dealing effectively with liars and smear merchants like Hope Not Hate, and car crashes like Carole Cadwalladr, is to take them to court and sue them for all they’ve got. Yes, they may well have enough useful idiots around them to crowdfund their losses but (as Abu Izzadeen always used to say about claiming benefits) at least you’re draining the enemy of resources. These menaces also need the public exposure that court entails – the US has Judicial Watch to keep these lunatics in check and expose their hidden motivations. Maybe that is something us British conservatives ought to club together to found over here… it is not that we are short of some of the very best libel lawyers the world has to offer.

Apart from Hate Not Hope, The Guardian, (the remains of what used to be) The Independent, the Socialist Raper, Morning Star and a few other members of the Far Left’s desired Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment, who are the other leftist smear merchants who could do with a few expensive days in the High Court? (It’s an experience which reduces these crazies to tears by the way and would be graced by a deluxe bucket of popcorn should the High Court be kind enough to alter its permitted food & beverages list).


Well Rachel Swindon – poor old Jon – just isn’t worth the bother.  The Cousins family have not yet convinced Mr Soros to lend a wizened hand to their financial catastrophe. Harry Leslie Smith – like the image of “The Absolute Boy” – is long dead.  Owen Jones is persona non grata with most of the Corbynite trolls, who think of him these days as a wealthy, capitalistic dilettante. Lily Madigan is part of the now toothless Rainbow Reich (it is truly magnificent the celerity with which that once priapic vanguard has become so passé in the culture wars, as if overnight mass-emasculated). And Paul Mason has either been zombified by Spice or is munching on moonbeams as he daily farts out statements for which George III’s physician would have been urgently summoned.

There are some other “publications” (propaganda gobshites) you may even have heard of, which in most cases operate through fast-dissolving limited companies, often headquartered in the houses of unsuspecting parents of Labour interns in Cornwall. The names of these budding Pravdas are Skwawkbox, Evolve Politics, Novara Media, Another Angry Voice, The Canary and let’s not forget dear Zelo Street. Bear in mind that for Marx ideological knowledge was “an epiphenomenal expression of the relation of material forces in a given economic arrangement” i.e. BS is wholly warranted, dear brainwashed comrades, as long as it brings about that darned elusive revolution for Steptoe.

Corbynite propagandists lying?

Skwawkbox published an article suggesting that the real death toll from the Grenfell Tower Fire was covered up, based on claims from “multiple sources” that the government had placed a “D-notice” on coverage – a correction was subsequently published.

In November 2017 Evolve Politics joined the state-approved (sieg heil) press regulator IMPRESS, borne via Max Mosley’s bitterness. In May 2018, IMPRESS ordered the website to pay £900 in damages for falsely claiming that Sky News presenter Jonny Gould attended a 2018 charity dinner hosted by the Presidents’ Club at which widespread sexual misconduct was reported.

The brownshirts of Novara Media are certainly not unused to making humiliating public apologies:

Meanwhile a Labour councillor was strongly criticised for quoting a post in the Corbyn-supporting blog Another Angry Voice which suggested the Manchester Arena bombing was beneficial to the Conservative government.

Michael Deacon in The Daily Telegraph described The Canary as the “maddest left-wing website in the world”. In the Observer, Nick Cohen wrote: “It’s the perfect journal for Corbynism in that it has no connection to reality”. Even Owen Jones has his reservations about The Canary – Comrade Jones told PR Week that the Canary website “really promotes conspiracy theories and a lot of things that just aren’t right. I worry about the Canary-isation of the left, where it ends up in a bizarre sub-culture that anyone who doesn’t agree is seen as part of a conspiracy.”


Tim (Paul) Fenton

Then, like the cherry on top of a Russian Honey Cake, there’s the Zelo Street blog. Zelo Street has always been barking and nasty … in its own fairly harmless way when you become acquainted with the tragic vehicle of projection behind it. It’s a little blog run by a trainspotter (I kid you not), called Tim Fenton (whose actual name is Paul Fenton), whose HQ is his humble home in Crewe. In the recent past Zelo Street HQ has been known to have attracted some celebrated visitors to its door.

Corbyn-supporting Tim was forced into his public apology for factual inaccuracy – not by a regulator or by Twitter mobs or even by the Labour Party. No, Tim/Paul was obliged to issue his public apology after publishing what he thought was an outstanding scoop – identifying an investigative tabloid journalist, who Tim thought had been pestering his Bolshevik stalker mates.

Alas, no Pulitzer was forthcoming.

For instead of outing the investigative journalist, Tim erred – in homage to Cadwalladrism, Tim went and published a photo of Rupert Hamer, the Defence Correspondent of the Sunday Mirror since 2004. And unfortunately Rupert had been killed in an explosion in Southern Afghanistan some years earlier while bravely covering the war there. Tim’s apology came from the sheer guilt at the distress he had caused Mr Hamer’s family, which must still eat at what remains of Tim’s soul.


(A Photo of The Late Rupert Hamer)

In conclusion, it’s always 2+2 = 5 (or more) with these Marxist orcs. The Leftwaffe’s smears and lies invariably end in humiliating public apologies and dusting off their tinfoil hats. It might be fun – indeed, for the many not the few – to reinvent that equation for these smear merchants and Goebbels-tryhards. By creating a procession of them through the High Court where capitalists and bourgeoisie can peer at them from the public gallery and point them out to their children as examples of those who have taken the wrong ideological path – Britain-haters and truth-dodgers who pay for their inadequacies and bile-surplus by getting exposed and fleeced in court.

Is British life more colourful because such trolls exist? Perhaps it is. The Internet has put Care in the Community on steroids.

Dom Wightman is the Editor of Country Squire Magazine.