A Prayer for Workaholics


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are well this beautiful, sunny Sunday morning. I hope Your loved ones are also well and that You all enjoy a peaceful day.

I meet many families whose parents carry around with them piles of debt. I admire those fathers or mothers who keep the worry to themselves but I often fear for their health and sanity. How can they enjoy sunny days like today if a black cloud shadows all that they do? As their child cuts through their birthday cake and makes a wish for the latest game or bicycle, are they feeling happy inside? As they see the postman approaching their front door do they not start to sweat?

Often – although this is more a lifestyle choice or addiction for them – I pity the workaholics. On a day like today why are some chained to their desk? Sitting out in the sun too long may be bad for one’s skin but it’s good for one’s mental and physical health to walk around a bit and enjoy nature. I appreciate that nowadays workaholics can walk around and enjoy nature because they can stroll around with their phones and tablets but they are not enjoying the world, are they? How can they do two things simultaneously? There must be work and some play otherwise what is the point? They may seem to be talking to their partners but where are their heads if not back at work?

What is the point?

Orare est laborare is the motto of the Benedictines – to work is to pray. Yes, there are those who work all the time as they see that as their vocation, but the grand majority of workaholics I know have no vocation and some are so wealthy they certainly do not need to work all the hours God gives us. Even the Benedictines take up bee-keeping and brewing so as to live up to the motto that we should all heed – “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” (usually translated as “a healthy mind in a healthy body”). I do wish workaholics would take time to ditch their electronic gadgets and consider what is the point?

What would be the point if they collapsed down dead in one hour’s time from a brain aneurysm? If they were asked to give a summary of their lives and their relationships outside of work, how would their explanations begin?

So, today, let us pray for the workaholics. That they see some point to life outside of work and learn to appreciate that life is a gift not a game. Read the prayer, please, as if this were You. Is it You?

God bless You all. Have an excellent week ahead.

Lord, the universe is working for me. All I need to do is trust this, and surrender my desire to control my life. I now understand that being in control is my ability to be one with God and bask in His knowingness of what, when, and how things will take place. I understand that being in control means caring about my well being, giving myself plenty of time to rest, socialise and have fun, and taking action when I’m guided to. And I promise myself that I will do so.



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