Persecuting the Persecuted


I use 2010 as a marker for when many noble pursuits fell into disrepute: music; games; comics; fat shaming; but it’s also when I think the slow creep of “wokeness” began. Now here we are, listening to increasingly emboldened fat women vent their outrage porn unto Twitter — but how did we get here?

2010 introduced the Equality Act, which ironically sought to make us more equal by legislating that some of us should receive more protection than others. I apparently belong to one of these “protected classes”, yet due to the recent activity of another protected class, I don’t feel all that protected anymore.

As few good things do, it all started in Birmingham. Residents weren’t entirely enthusiastic about the local school introducing LGBT equality teaching — and by unenthusiastic I mean they howled “it’s not ok to be gay” and pelted LGBT activists with eggs. A hate crime surely? Well there’s the rub, we are told that the people instigating this intolerance must be tolerated at any cost as they are a “persecuted minority” — you know, when they aren’t the ones doing the persecuting.

Nothing induces debilitating cringe in me quite like the term “gay allies” but if we are to have them then you’d think it’s at times like this that they would make themselves known. Instead, something strange happened, prominent Labour MPs such as Jess Phillips and Stella Creasy — who I’m sure would describe themselves as these elusive “allies” and are usually unrelenting in their opposition to bigotry — suddenly became rather muted. Like a great wave of fear had swept over them. “Gutted” and “disheartened” are the words which keep being brandished about, and Stella has now taken to spamming peoples’ twitter feeds with an image purporting to show two gay Muslims, as if Abdul and his multicoloured tunic can magic the problem away.

To Jess’ credit, she did confront the leader of the Muslim protests, although in doing so, revealed her own intolerance. It’s not a good look for a financially comfortable white woman, who wields considerable power, to tell a person of colour that he isn’t representative of the Muslims in her area.

The thing about sharia law is, like most things it’s never there when you need it most. The women who do cover up are invariably timid, small and unassuming creatures — the result of a good firm hand — so they aren’t the problem, it’s crude, boisterous harridans like Jess Phillips who we are left to endure untempered. I think the Muslim Council of Britain are missing a trick, surely no one would object if they were to stick a burka over her head (granted the amount of cloth needed to fulfil such a task would come at considerable cost) but I think in this case the whole country would be demanding more Sharia law.

Oh what a tangled web the Left have woven. The few gays who don’t regurgitate the nauseating left-wing virtues of love and tolerance are being branded racist for daring to oppose the notion of their existence being “shameful”. Pink News even ran the gaslighting headline, “Parkfield school protests are exposing bigotry of gay people, too”. Well if that’s the case then be prepared to see a hell of a lot more “bigoted buggerers”.

The left has turned every kind of bigotry, supposed or otherwise, into a meme and it has now reached the stage where I actually feel inadequate if a day goes by when I’m not slurred as some form of bigot on Twitter. In one way it’s good that the left are now only firing blanks (as all leftists should if we are to save humanity) but I can’t help thinking about the damaging effect this has surely had on society, we are in danger of becoming ambivalent to genuine injustice when it presents itself. I am aware that I could be accused of giving Muslims a hard time, so let me qualify my dangerous right-wing rhetoric by saying, of course there are many decent Muslims — just don’t go looking for them in Birmingham.

Guest Writer James Bembridge is both an amateur alcoholic and artist, yet aspires to be professional in both fields given enough time. James is a friend of Chatsworth estate and an enemy to all vegans. The one area he does excel at is being a purveyor of hate crimes; James firmly believes in the principle of embracing all forms of bigotry so as not to be accused of discrimination.