The Traitors’ Chart


A press release came in this morning from a group pertaining to be Labour voters who were so fed up with the way their party was heading they spent a year and a half building an intelligence assessment on Jeremy Corbyn and those linked to the Labour Party leadership. Their efforts are impressive. Their Chart is well worth a look.

There are 2 points to be made about their Chart:

  1. It could do with being more interactive. Where are the links explained? Are we just to take it on trust that these connecting lines are kosher? What are the criteria for drawing these lines? For example what is the connection say between Ralf Little and Squawkbox? (Admittedly in the FAQ the compilers explain that to show the detail of nodes they need to invest in expensive software, so fair enough). 
  2. Now that the Labour Party is lost why do they still call themselves Labour voters? They have been politically homeless for years, so why hang around the home they were kicked out of? Go and find another! 

Their Traitor’s Chart is a thing of beauty but it’s simultaneously scary and depressing. The videos that accompany the Chart launch are hard-hitting and true.

In the promotional email, the Chart compilers write: “The UK under Corbyn would mean the end of our country as we know it.”

They are not wrong.

The Traitors’ Chart can be found here. Links to the accompanying videos are published below: