We, Barbarians!


On the sixteenth of this month, Labour-run Liverpool Council passed a motion condemning all field sports as barbaric. This means they are labelling the hundreds of thousands of mainly rural folk that make a living from field sports with the tag barbarian. This includes the thousands of farmers that produce our food and tend our land for the benefit of all, often even of wildlife. This includes the many hotel owners employing staff over the winter period and the cottage industries making clothing and brooches. You’re all sadistic barbarians, according to Liverpool Council.

Animal rights activists have been using these insults for years. It is just that Liverpool Council have been dumb enough to get infiltrated by activists.

What is happening?

In 1951, just six years after the war and with rationing still in effect, we had a Labour government inquiry into fox hunting. Those holding office in parliament and councils back then were sick and tired of bitter conflict. They were in their position because they were desperate to help their fellow Brits after years of destructive war, by promoting the building of homes and the provision of food. They were in power for all the right reasons.

Have a read of this conclusion taken from the 1951 report into fox hunting:

“It is sometimes alleged that the majority of the followers of field sports are “sadists” who revel in the infliction of suffering on defenceless animals. Those taking part in a hunt may enjoy the sport as a whole, or particular aspects of it such as the ride (if riding is involved), the country air, the skill of hounds and huntsman, or witnessing the skill exercised by the quarry, but we are convinced that very few people, if any, delight in seeing what they have been hunting captured and killed. The death of the quarry is the necessary and logical outcome of the sport, but it is not its sole purpose and the followers do not go out just to see an animal killed. Although this charge has been made against the supporters of field sports by many of the witnesses who have given evidence for the abolitionist’s organisations, we do not think that it is justified and we are not prepared to accept this view.”

Labour were not always infiltrated by animal rights lunatics. Indeed they used to examine the facts around hunting. The current state of affairs is depressing and embarrassing. The hunting community has failed to defend itself and now the cranks are becoming Labour councillors and MPs. It is time we got together and devised a cunning plan.