Elephant in the Room


Every now and again you know that there has been a miscarriage of justice. Just by reading the evidence you can see that those involved were framing someone to take a hit in court. You can see that the prosecution were fed evidence that was staged or fabricated. The horror of the crime hits the emotions rather than being one you can sensibly judge using one’s head.

The crime of the beaten elephant Anne is one such crime.  A video of the beating is available on YouTube but you will have to sign in as the contents are not for the squeamish. Secretly filmed footage obtained by the activists Animal Defenders International (ADI) caught one of the Asian elephant’s grooms, Nicolai Nitu from Romania, hitting her with a pitchfork and kicking her.

During the 2012 trial it was claimed that Circus Owner Bobby Roberts had failed to stop Nitu mistreating Anne and that she was kept chained up almost permanently while his circus was at its winter quarters in Cambridgeshire. The prosecution alleged she was not given the medication she needed for arthritis. The district judge David Chinnery found Roberts, of Oundle, Northamptonshire, guilty of three charges under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Roberts walked free after being given a conditional discharge. He was not banned from keeping animals. Nitu fled to Romania and is still a wanted man. Anne was moved to Longleat.

The judge at the time went out of his way to pity Bobby Roberts and his wife who needed a police escort just to get into his court: “This couple have been tried by the public who have only the footage of the cruelty to the animal upon which to make a judgment. This has resulted in personal vilification of both of the defendants both by members of the public and from my own observations by members of the press.”

The consequences of this trial have been brutal for the Roberts. Bobby is now seriously ill. It is fair to say that the video of Nitu beating Anne shocked Roberts and his wife Moira. Again the judge commented about Bobby Roberts: “His distress at seeing the video footage of the groom striking Anne was both genuine and very moving. He has devoted his whole life to the circus, performing from the age of four, and clearly has many talents.” The judge called Bobby Roberts “a truthful witness” with a “deep love” for the animals he cared for.

So what really happened? Why was Nitu wearing a cap in the video? To obscure his face perhaps? Did he know that the camera was located where it was? Was Nitu acting for the camera? Which individual planted the camera?  If ADI really cared about Anne’s welfare why did ADI sit on the evidence for two months leaving the elephant where she was? Why hasn’t Nitu been brought to justice? Who planted Nitu as a groom at Roberts’ establishment?

You can guess the answers. You can smell the truth of this set-up.

“The conclusion to which I am drawn therefore is that Anne’s welfare was only a part of the objective by ADI; they have a wider agenda,” was how Chinnery summed up the case. The tactics of the animal rights activists ADI were heavily criticised.

Fast forward to 2020 and what do we know now about animal rights activists and their framed and faked videos? We know that propaganda from the likes of LACS and ADI has been busted, with individual activists like Terry Hill exposed as corrupt. The agenda of the animal rights activists has not dallied for hard evidence against their opponents – they have simply made it up, to input momentum and donations into their campaigns. Social media loves video that appeals to heart not head – the activists use social media immorally and intelligently to muster support and new recruits.

Terry Hill has until the 15th February to step forward and confess to the police that he was behind the Nicolai Nitu beating of Anne just as he was behind other staged footage against circus owners including Mary Chipperfield.


We at Country Squire don’t care much for circuses but we do care for good people, for animals and for justice. Terry Hill is a crook. Nicolai Nitu – Nitu Nicolae as he is known back home – was set up. This situation is apparently a massive “fraudă”.

Let’s just say Romanians love to talk…

Hey, Terry … Tick Tock … your days of staging and faking evidence are over.

This article was only possible thanks to evidence provided by Nigel Bean. 



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