A Prayer for Hong Kongers

Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are well, enjoying life and washing Your hands. If You are feeling bored because the football and rugby are off, a book of prayers will calm Your nerves and give You peace, just as a good box set will take Your mind off needing a sporting fix. I am halfway through Bosch on Amazon Prime and highly recommend Detective Harry to You.

Today is a Global Day of Prayer for Hong Kong when people of all faiths and none around the world are joining together in praying for peace, justice and universal suffrage in Hong Kong and standing in solidarity with Hong Kongers.

This day was called by Benedict Rogers last week:

My colleagues at Country Squire urged me to pay heed to Benedict’s call and focus on Hong Kong for this week’s prayer slot. Hong Kong has seen considerable tumult over recent years. Hong Kongers seeking political reform have been opposed by a brutal police response. The people of Hong Kong have sent Beijing a clear message about their aspirations for democracy and Beijing doesn’t seem to be listening.

Rather than focusing on the politics of the situation, I would like to pray for the people. For the people of Hong Kong – that they find peace and justice. That, as the Coronavirus has shown, We are all humans before God – a lesson both sides should heed with empathy and intelligence. There is surely an intelligent way for both sides to coexist in peace and prosperity. It would be a great shame to see the success story of Hong Kong trampled underfoot for reasons of pride and bullishness.

Meanwhile, Dear Readers, I wish You all well. I urge You not to be distracted by know-it-alls on social media with regards to the Coronavirus outbreak – just follow Government advice. I urge You to pray for all Your loved ones and see that they are well. I also ask You to look out for the vulnerable around You – help them if You can and let them know You are there if things get bad. Be well and God Bless You All.

God of justice and mercy, in Christ You break down the dividing wall of hostility and in your Spirit you guide us to the paths that lead to peace; bless the people of Hong Kong, that as they seek their true identity they may discover truer belonging, as they long for greater security they may find deeper understanding, and as they face an unknown future they may be renewed in larger hope; through him who is our identity, our security and our one and only hope, Jesus Christ your son our Lord.


(This prayer was used by Revd Dr Sam Wells, Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields)