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David Sedgwick’s book ‘The Fake News Factory’ is a polemic on the state of the BBC. It pulls no punches from the outset in covering what Sedgwick perceives to be the BBC’s dishonesty and malfeasance. The BBC is portrayed as the source of fake news on a number of subjects ranging from Brexit and Donald Trump to Hungary and Russia. The book is a comprehensive account of BBC wrongdoing and provides a powerful argument that the BBC has lost its way.

The book starts by highlighting the BBC think that lies behind the dishonesty. In a BBC world there should be no borders with mass migration being an unalloyed good. NHS funding should be unlimited as the NHS is an international health service.  Biological males should be able to compete in women’s sport. It is acceptable to overturn democratic votes, eg the 2016 presidential election. Children should be taught there are 100+ genders. The essence is globalist and progressive. The BBC creates a production line for pumping out fake news to promote it world view.

In the book BBC journalists are described as ‘activists’ who dissemble to promote the agenda of the corporation. One of the favoured topics is Brexit. According to Sedgwick the BBC is virulently anti Brexit and does everything it can to attack the result of the referendum. Brexiteers are wrong thinkers according to the BBC and can be dealt with without remorse. Scare stories about a no deal Brexit are meat and drink to the BBC.

The book also highlights the BBC’s war on conservatism concentrating a chapter on the hyped cash for questions scandal. “From production of fake Panorama documentaries calculated to damage Margaret Thatcher’s government through its role in ensuring John Major’s administration would become synonymous with sleaze and ‘cash in brown envelopes’ right up to its campaign to smear Boris Johnson as a liar, the fake news factory works tirelessly to undermine Conservative administrations.”

There is a chapter on the shameful silence of the BBC on grooming gangs. The story of grooming gangs and the BBC’s reticence in covering them is considered in detail. This included the discrediting of Sarah Champion MP after her article came out in the Sun identifying the gangs as predominantly from Pakistan.

A further chapter considers the BBC’s fakery in Syria. In taking a firm anti Assad stance the BBC is shown to place undue reliance on less than impartial sources such as the Islamist White Helmets. It is alleged that a chemical attack was staged by anti government forces to bring the American and British support to their side and was uncritically accepted by the BBC.

The BBC’s approach to Hungary is also considered. Its hostility to Victor Orban, the elected Prime Minister is put down to his Hungary for Hungarians approach. The fact he will not allow Hungary to be overrun by migrants seriously offends the BBC’s world view.  The BBC attacks him at every opportunity.

The BBC’s appalling treatment of Sir Cliff Richard forms the basis of another chapter. As an ageing white rich Christian male Cliff was the wrong sort for the BBC and a perfect subject for an attack. His privacy was destroyed by the BBC in an attempt to gain a scoop.

The BBC’s war on the President of the United States, Donald Trump is the subject of another chapter. The BBC’s desire for the Mueller inquiry to find a way to remove Trump from office is highlighted.

In reading this book the reader must content himself with hearing one side of an argument. There is no attempt to be even handed or to try to find the good in the BBC. In fact the book ends by recommending that people cancel their licence fees and stop partaking in BBC content. Nonetheless it is worth reading to get a full flavour of the argument against the BBC. It provides a weighty argument that the BBC is not living up to its place in our society. It certainly provides a cogent argument against the licence fee and lays down the gauntlet for the BBC to justify its behaviour.

For an academic work it is an easy read and well worth taking the time to look out in order to get a view on a very serious subject.

The Fake News Factory by David Sedgwick can be bought here. 

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