A Prayer of Thanks


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You and Your loved ones are well and healthy. I hope that You have plans to enjoy the sunshine this Sunday and are now venturing out a bit more now that lockdown has been relaxed.

Today I will join You in recognising just how lucky We are. Living in this country We have so many riches. Even when We think We are poor We must recognise that – compared to other countries – We are very well off. We are generous too – one of the most generous nations on earth when it comes to charitable donations. We should be proud of our generosity and We should be careful not to think that, after recent economic shocks, We are not able to give to others who are in need.

I spent some time this weekend looking for a cat basket on Facebook Marketplace. I was in trouble with my wife for leaving some logs on top of the old basket which irreparably warped. I do not wish to sound like an advertisement but what an extraordinary place! The website shows You what people are selling off after lockdown. There are loads of fitness watches, sideboards, bicycles and laptops. It is worth taking a look just to comprehend how well off some parts of the country are by using a different town as your start off place. Within a two mile radius from our home I was amazed at how many classic cars are for sale, worth many thousands. It’s an Aladdin’s cave of materialism and I must say that I see nothing wrong with people having too much – within reason. We are human and sometimes buy items We do not need. Selling these items off reminds us We make mistakes and times change. You see there are some people who are selling on behalf of deceased relatives and I really feel for them – You can see their pain in the verbiage and framing of their ads. You see some unwanted gifts. Others are selling items alongside an embarrassed note: “What on earth possessed me to buy this ornamental fairy set?”

Perhaps We all have too much?

The median annual household income worldwide is $9,733. Median household disposable income in the UK was $37,114 in the financial year ending 2019. Our households tend to be far smaller than those in say Bangladesh or Senegal. We earn far more than the poorest nations – countries with the lowest median income include Liberia, Burundi, Mali, Benin, Togo, Sierra Leone, and Madagascar.

This weekend I do not want You to feel guilty. Yes You are privileged but instead of paying homage to the bitter, twisted poppy-loppers and their cancel culture BE THANKFUL. Be happy. Enjoy Your wealth. Yes, be charitable too. Be aware of the eye of the needle but also learn to embrace the positives of being so lucky. The humble farmer does not destroy his crops because they are so plentiful – he beams in gratefulness.

I wish You all well. I hope You all have a peaceful and enjoyable Sunday and an excellent week to come. God Bless You all. Stay healthy and please think of others. Please today simply read the few words below:

“I am so thankful that I have a joy that the world can not rob me of; I have a treasure that the world can not take from me; I have something that it is not in the power of man or devil to deprive me of, and that is the joy of the Lord.”


D.L. Moody