A Question of Impartiality


A few years back a friend of mine was with two other men, just about to enter a copse to carry out pest control for a local farmer. They were after pigeons and decked out in camouflage. Their weapon of choice was the .177 air rifle. Just as they were about to enter the wood their rifles were unsheathed. Then, up on an adjacent hillside, one of them spotted a man acting very suspiciously. He was darting between the trees and looking down on them from his location on public land while using his mobile telephone.

The three of them chuckled at this man’s odd behaviour – knowing perfectly well this man’s intentions – and so stopped and stood around for a while just chatting so as not to give the spy any good photo shots. They had worked out what would happen next and waited.

Within just 20 minutes two highly embarrassed policemen appeared. Very apologetically, they mumbled that there had been reports of men with guns acting suspiciously and they had to check out all such reports as a matter of course. Everything the men said checked out, they were on private land and of course had the permission of the farmer. The snitch had made the complaint from behind fencing on public land – the police visit was a complete waste of valuable police time and public money.

You can bet if the snitch had seen them shoot a pigeon, that pigeon would have metamorphosed into a bird of prey. As we should all know by now, extremists are forever seeking to distort and deconstruct truth and are prone to gross exaggerations to fit their agenda. Across the UK during the shooting and hunting season, and in particular around important dates in the fields sports calendar, for example the 12th August and Boxing Day, obsessed animal rights fanatics aligned to bogus charities make a point of logging incessant wild claims of either “illegal” hunting or shooting in a desperate bid to raise their profile. Their claims and protests are recorded, and propaganda footage is used to generate funds from gullible members of the public for their organisations and charities.

It is rare for the police to be unfair. They are knowledgeable about the laws of the land and are necessarily impartial. However, as with any huge organisation you are going to get your less than partial characters…

Recently, I called out a police inspector from North Yorkshire, Matt Hagen, on Twitter for ‘going native’. Hagen unwisely appeared on a Channel 4 documentary lambasting gamekeepers and grouse shoots. Then his comments appeared in The Guardian, timed to coincide with the opening day of the grouse shooting season. This is behaviour unfitting of a working police officer.

Fake, anti-countryside news stories are bread and butter for The Guardian at the start of August, as at most times of the year. Who can forget animal rights extremists promoting ‘scientific evidence’ of cruelty to obtain a hunt ban, only for it to be shot down in flames at a Government inquiry? In fact, as Jack Straw was about to embarrassingly announce to parliament they had been lied to and there was no scientific evidence backing a ban, up popped the trusty Left-wingers at The Guardian, spurred on by their chums from the animal rights brigade, with the fake headline “Vets say hunted foxes die in agony”. The sheer absurdity of the headline was that not one vet in the article said that.

The RSPB have behaved no better over the years – a publicly funded charity caught hiding from the public at a government inquiry how many foxes they killed. All so their Labour chums in government at the time could claim foxes are not pests. In short, no self-respecting copper would want to get into bed with these scalawags.

This begs the question then why, when every other police force in England steers well clear of this contrived rubbish, Matt Hagen goes that extra mile for the extremist groups – sharing a column in The Guardian with the convicted animal rights criminal and extremist Luke Steele?

Matt Hagen:

“The vast majority of the jobs that we have were gamekeepers on grouse moors persecuting absolutely anything that might eat grouse,”

“There is a lot or pressure on them to make sure that there are numbers of grouse to be able to be shot, pressure from the shooting operations, pressure from the estate owners, from the management and also financial pressure, because the more grouse they give people, the more they can shoot, and if you are told to do something by the estate, and your job and home are tied to the relationship, you do what you are told.”

Where is the impartiality in that?

We can’t be having our police joining the side of these propagandists. How can they do their jobs properly if they are bent in the public eye?

A whisper in the ear is in order for our North Yorkshire Police inspector. If he bothered looking and investigating, he would see that there is huge pressure on animal rights activists to exaggerate or fake incidents. He could always ask the Vice President of the RSPB – Chris Packham – who went around raising donations for Tigers in the Daily Mirror under the pretence they were rescued from circus cruelty. An investigation found they had been donated and one was removed illegally. Was there a police investigation into Packham? Has his organisation been done for fraud?

Take this one grainy image of someone apparently acting illegally in the distance. They get accused of shooting a short-eared owl. Just hearsay of course. Not a jot of evidence. They were thoroughly bemused by the allegations as they were going about their daily business. The case gets marked down as a reported crime. Know the antis’ statistics scam, Mr Hagen? The one where they use reported crime stats and not cases that have been successfully prosecuted?

Or investigate that super-credible witness who just so happened to be bird watching at the time when a Hen Harrier exploded in the air leaving no feathers laying around. Sherlock Holmes has still not worked that one out. Perhaps Hagen has some answers?

The police need to be mindful of not taking sides. That is the key point here. The likes of Hagen muddy the waters. Countrysiders have a generally sound relationship with the police and are always the first to report wrong-uns while the antis promote them.

We all know there are obsessed fanatics, with their endless supply of useful idiots, out there watching us countrysiders night and day. They are always looking from every conceivable angle to incriminate us with fakery and skulduggery. To make out we animal lovers hate and torture animals. This lines their wallets. It’s about time every police force in the country woke up to this reality and warned their ranks.

If any police officer or inspector is still unsure, and wants to trust the antis, then here are some useful idiots caught hiding in undergrowth in the full knowledge they will be surrounded by men with guns looking to flush out foxes in a perfectly legal pest control exercise. These folks are so fanatical they are willing to risk their lives for the chance to engineer a photographic/video opportunity and spin it into propaganda. They go onto claim an illegal hunt has occurred. (By the grace of God these lunatics were spotted going into hiding and the hunt gave that covert a wide berth, saving their lives.)

Mr Hagen, it is very clear country folk are put under enough stress and worry by useful idiots and their bogus charities in their desperate attempt to obtain prosecutions and claim illegality without the need for you going native and joining them so publicly. Partaking with these criminals is not a good look at all for a police officer.

If we were on the side you claim to be in solidarity with, we would stoop to make a formal complaint against you and try to get you sacked from the force.  As it is, we know enough police officers to never be tempted into such tiresome leftist cancel culture. Let there be no doubt however – your huntsmen and women superiors in the force will thoroughly enjoy reading this article.

Editorial assistance given by Paul Read.