Packham Tests New BBC Boss


So much then for the tough stance Tim Davie, the new director general of the BBC, was going to take on those lippy left-wing celebrities spouting their vitriol across social media. If anyone was going to prove the benefit of NOT defunding the BBC – by ridding the organisation of dishonest and impartial gobshites such as the animal rights extremist and BBC presenter, Chris Packham – it was going to be Tim Davie.

Perhaps Tim is all mouth and no trousers?

Shouldn’t we give Davie a chance since he’s relatively new to the DG job? Make up your own minds…

Chris Packham was on social media again this week promoting the latest fake news story about hunting which had appeared in The Times. The Times “story” came via peeping-toms from – you’ve guessed it – the League Against Cruel Sports. Despite its associations with known criminals and its history of working with fakers, LACS is highly favoured by BBC presenter Packham and he has campaigned for them in the past. He has also advised members of the public to help swell their tiny membership despite the charity falling foul of the Charity Commission and engaging in faked video shenanigans. Incidentally, Packham’s new Springwatch side-kick at the BBC is his step-daughter Megan McCubbin. McCubbin is youth ambassador at LACS.

Packham not only promotes The Times’ fake news. He labels a good portion of rural BBC licence fee payers as savages:

Packham – a self-proclaimed animal welfareist and conservationist – knows full well the hunt in this instance are not whipping the deer on, they are trying to stop the animal so they can clean kill it with a shotgun at point blank range. Why? Because even the article is generous enough to state that the poor deer is injured. The hunt are doing the job they are supposed to do – wholly within the law – and even the RSPCA, of which Packham is Vice President, have used them to track wounded deer in the past to painlessly end the lives of creatures suffering from irrecuperable injury.

This is fairly standard fare from The Times who seem not to know the first thing about hunting, or – put a better way – choose not to. If Times journalists had bothered corroborating the story with huntsfolk, some of whom actually write for their paper, they would of course have had to abandon their story, or – let hell freeze over – compliment the hunting community for caring for animals.

Before the Hunting Act, a friend headed down to Exmoor after paying quite a lot of money to hire a horse and hunt with the Devon & Somerset Staghounds. He longed for long and hard gallops across open moorland, across rivers and up and down coombs in pursuit of deer. He so wanted a change from the shires. However, when he arrived at the meet, the huntsman was informed of a wounded deer seen up near a wood some little distance away. That immediately took priority, the huntsman took his hounds off in search of the deer while the field, including my friend, sat around on their horses and did extraordinarily little. A couple of hours passed, and the huntsman returned after finding the deer and putting it out of its misery, “At last my day can start,” thought my friend. Not so. On returning, the huntsman was informed of another deer seen nearby that had been involved in a collision with a car and it had a broken leg and was hobbling around on three. Off the huntsman went again in search of the wounded deer leaving the field to follow behind at no great pace. The wounded deer was located and killed, but it was too late in the day to start a proper hunt. My friend joked his highlight of the day had been counting the rain drops falling off the peak of his hat!

The reality is that propagandist Packham and his peeping-tom chums from LACS should be applauding the efforts of the hunt to try and put a deer out of its misery. Ah, but that goes against their class war strategy, doesn’t it? Facts – bah humbug! Let’s screw the “toffs” even with lies. Let’s call them savages and if necessary let’s sell the new BBC Director General a pup.

Could Packham be ignorant of hunts doing wild animals favours? No. A man in his position knows full well there is plenty of documented evidence out there highlighting the good work of hunts.

Let’s see what the Master of Deer Hounds Association told a government inquiry:

“Throughout the Season any sick or lame deer would be reported to the Master at the meet and dealt with as appropriate. Similarly, action would be taken should one appear during the day’s hunting, when a wounded deer would be much more likely to be found than one suffering in woods on unhunted land.”

“The Casualty Service provided by the hunts is invaluable in ending the suffering of injured deer. Deer are injured in a number of ways. Some are hit by cars, others are caught in wire, some become ill or crippled, and inaccurate shooting wounds many. Once injured these deer go into hiding. When the hunt is told of a wounded deer, the huntsman will take several hounds to track down the animal and once found the deer is killed. This Casualty Service is unique; it is free and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Between 1993-1998 an average of 83 casualty deer were dispatched per year, some of which had suffered grievous wounds from shooting, road accidents or poachers. The hunt Casualty Service is used by individuals, the Police, local vets and the RSPCA, and, despite their ban, the National Trust. This service could never be replaced by a stalker, unless he owned a number of trained deerhounds.”

And the Exmoor Society:

The West Country packs continue, despite local hunting bans, to perform a casualty call-out service for the dispatch of deer that have been injured, for example by cars and shooting. This service is of profound welfare benefit to the herds. The continued use of call-out is evidence that those responsible for deer management on the ground recognise it is the most effective and humane method, despite politically motivated views to the contrary.”

Dear Readers, please make up your own minds. What would you do if you were in Mr Davie’s position, desperately seeking impartiality and truth?

Meanwhile, a direct plea to Mr Davie: Please fast take note of Packham’s many misdeeds and dodgy associations. We are more than happy to fill you in should you wish to get in touch. Will the BBC really do nothing about Packham despite his picture being used, wholly appropriately, in news stories announcing MI5 counter-terrorism measures against groups he actively promotes?

Wake up and smell the coffee, Mr Davie.

The rural community waits to see what you do before cancelling their licence fee direct debits once and forever.