Don’t Be Like Mel


Let’s be clear. There is nowt wrong with being an anti. It’s a free country. Being anti-hunting is a position that sane and civilised people can reach and hold without resorting to fury or violence. If only there were more discussion between those who participate in hunting in the countryside and those who are antis. Maybe the police should encourage such a bridging of views as they would not have to put up with the consequences when things go awry, nor have to waste their precious time policing hunts.

Being a saboteur – now, that’s taking matters to an extreme. Donning a balaclava and looking to disrupt hunts without a care for the wellbeing of participants, some of whom are children – that’s where illegality becomes inevitable. And it’s the sabs who are the main problem – the extreme animal rights crazies are sabs and purposefully set out to terrorise their fellow human beings, having estimated the rights of countryside pests above those of humans.

Meet angry Mel Broughton.

Mel is a hunt saboteur. This is Broughton (on the right) campaigning outside AXA insurance on the 17th of this month. (He and his fellow sabs found out that AXA insure hunts so are now hassling them).

Mel is a convicted fire bomber.

Mel is an agent provocateur. Watch him lead the Northants hunt sabs. See how he tries to provoke a response from hunters. There he is – harassing them on land he should not be on:

Then you have this:

You also have video of Mel being forced off private land by the landowner:

Mel Broughton then gets what he came for. By being an aggressive so and so, he has managed to provoke a confrontation and the incident has yet to go to court but – surprise, surprise – there’s already a crowdfunder set up for him!

So you see how hunt sabs operate?

Film. Provoke. Terrorise. Behave illegally. Crowdfund the consequences via gullible dears online. Repeat.

Sabs seek to break the law. Sabs seek to terrorise and provoke. Mel’s Northants hunt sabs seek to play dirty. They found a dead fox on the road and were seen picking it up. They then made a film of them leaving a field cradling the dead fox as if the hunt had done the deed. Only a post mortem showed the fox had not actually been killed by another animal.

How do the hunting community and those who are anti hunt – those seeking to operate within the law – counter crooks like Mel Broughton? Is there a way of getting him on an anger management course? A course of pills for sabs perhaps? Is there a way of getting sabs stricter sentences for ‘aggravated’ trespass?

It is time that all sides in this ongoing debate sat down together – were forced to sit down down together – and bashed out some solutions before someone pays the price with serious injury or death. None of the sides of this argument are vanishing any time soon. Those who are civilised will agree that no one should have to put up with the Mel Broughtons of this world spitting in their face or threatening to lamp them. This is a free country – Mel Broughton would disagree.