Five Questions

Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, We need Your wisdom. The Squires would be most grateful if You could have a serious think about the following questions and then leave your answer in the poll boxes below them. Thank You so much!

Question 1: Due to unbearable Leftist political pressures – think Insulate Britain on speed – a Circus Owner is forced to give up his tigers. He can sell them to a zoo as an attraction or to a private owner as pets. He can sell them for their skins and other body parts to a Chinese buyer. Instead – even under some financial pressure – he clearly loves his tigers, so he donates them to an animal sanctuary. With full knowledge of the Circus Owner’s donation, a UK charity which runs a UK zoo, which has been on the look out for some tigers for a while and has a history of housing well-trained circus tigers as paid attractions, then receives the tigers for free as a donation from the animal sanctuary. Yet in fundraisers this zoo claims it needs money to ‘rescue’ the tigers. Have the tigers been rescued? Or have they been donated?

Question 2: While these tigers were at the Circus, they were regularly inspected by Government vets and given both a clean bill of health as well as approval of super-satisfactory living conditions. Were they maltreated?

Question 3: While these tigers were at the Circus they had some claws removed so that they would not cause each other damage in fights. This claw removal was done legally – under anaesthetic and expertly by veterinarians. So was this maltreatment or – say like neutering a dog – an animal owner showing due care in animal stewardship?

Question 4: What might the tigers enjoy more? Jumping up onto high bars and through hoops of fire in a big top circus tent to addictive clapping and adulation from an excited crowd? Or stuck in a small zoo in an enclosed area with a plunge pool with paying humans gawping at them through a fence? (Note: the circus master’s whip is and has always been a prop).

Question 5: Would any countrysider – the type who loves fieldsports and enjoys Clarkson’s Farm – ever in their right mind set fire to a Land Rover?  Are these vehicles not all sacred in the countryside?

Thanks again for your input.

Yours sincerely,

The Squires