Fundraising Regulator Put to the Test


Belated congratulations to Nadine Dorries – Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport – who has had to fight more than most MPs to get into Cabinet. As those closely associated with this magazine know all too well, Nadine has had to suffer constant abuse for over a decade from left wing stalkers – some of the abuse has been beyond depraved – and she has held her course resolutely and bravely. She’ll make a great minister and ruffle the feathers of many miscreants and jobsworths during her period in office.

Which brings to the Squires’ attention the fact that Ms Dorries’ department is accountable for making sure the self-regulating Fundraising Regulator behaves and proves itself fit for purpose. The Fundraising Regulator is the independent regulator of charitable fundraising in England, Wales and Northern Ireland standing up for best practice in fundraising, in order to protect donors and support the vital work of fundraisers. And we’ve had a few things to say in the past about the Fundraising Regulator which sadly buried its head in the sand over the Packham Tigers affair.

Well, now the Fundraising Regulator is looking again at the Packham Tigers affair. All credit to Nigel Bean for his persistence in bringing to light new evidence and collating his old data in such a way that the conclusions any sane human being will draw from the results are that Packham’s charity Wildheart Trust – now with a new name, The Wildheart Animal Sanctuary – never rescued any tigers despite their claims in crowdfunders, and knew all along, as they said so themselves most publicly, that the tigers were voluntarily handed over.

While Ms Dorries has plenty in her in-tray, how the Fundraising Regulator performs in this very rare but significant external review is vital to its future. This is nothing to do with animal rights or ideology. It’s to do with the right thing being done. The eyes of the press, the public, law enforcers and others are firmly fixed on the Fundraising Regulator.

An infodump will today be heading Ms Dorries’ way so she has the heads-up on what is a key case. Will the Fundraising Regulator once again be swayed by Packham’s BBC-built celebrity or will it reopen its investigation into Wildheart based on the facts, now so clearly laid out before them? We will publish all the data in full after the Fundraising Regulator makes its decision – so you can then decide for yourselves who’s the liar.

Good luck in nailing your stalkers, Ms Dorries. Also, the best of British in standing up for Truth and the little guy.

Dominus vobiscum.

Update December 2021: Extraordinarily, the Fundraising Regulator still claim, after external review, there has been no code breach by Packham’s charity although the magazine welcomes their recognition of Wildheart Trust’s (now Wildheart Sanctuary’s) lies via Packham in this particular crowdfunder. This investigation by the Fundraising Regulator was related to just one crowdfunder. The others involve different complainants, and we shall report back on the Fundraising Regulator’s findings on those when we have them. The Fundraising Regulator’s findings can be found here. Note the small print: