It’s Official: Packham’s Wildheart Charity Lied about ‘Rescuing’ Tigers


Now it’s there in black and white for the whole world to see. The BBC’s Chris Packham lied in crowdfunders about his girlfriend’s Isle of Wight zoo charity The Wildheart Trust (now renamed the Wildheart Sanctuary) rescuing tigers. This magazine exposed the Truth in the following articles:

Packham found himself under all sorts of pressure, backtracked on video and then sued this magazine’s rural affairs correspondent Nigel Bean and the Editor with a defamation case which you can read about here. But we stuck to our guns, refused to submit to Packham and his army of fellow animal rights bullies and trolls despite personal threats of violence and daily abuse since the original articles were published. Nigel complained to the Fundraising Regulator about Packham and Wildheart who brought in an external reviewer to look again at the case after a bodged decision by a previous investigator who then promptly left the regulator.

The external reviewer’s choice of words last week cannot be clearer about how the tigers were handed over voluntarily by their owner to AAP, a big cat sanctuary in Spain. Worse still, Wildheart and its trustee Packham and CEO, his girlfriend Charlotte Corney, knew all about it BEFORE the investigated crowdfunder which raised many tens of thousands of pounds from the British Public:

The external reviewer is scathing on Packham and Wildheart’s lies about being a critical partner in a rescue enterprise:

So what happens next?

The defamation proceedings are approaching ‘preliminary hearing’ stage likely to happen some time in 2022. The Editor has made clear he wants to go straight to the main trial and put Packham and Corney on the stand where they will be under oath and we will find out all kinds of things about the tigers, eagle videos, dead crow notes, zoo sackings and burned-out Landies. Meanwhile the original Spanish owners of the tigers are fuming at Packham’s smearing of them. A counter case is being built in Europe with which to sue Packham and Wildheart for defaming them. The Fundraising Regulator will advise Wildheart of charity fundraising rules – it lacks the oomph to do much more than that.

The BBC should seriously look again now at why they dare continue with Packham’s services. They know full well by now the Asperger’s ‘victim’ card is no longer a get out of jail free card – it’s been used so many times by this crook who happily speaks to packed halls of animal rights wingnuts. His turn-off-turn-on tears should not permit this bully to wreck others’ lives.

In any other walk of life where the public pays the bills, such lies in fundraising activities would result in immediate cessation of contract. Again the BBC waits for the car crash rather than damage limiting before the crisis escalates. Meanwhile those fighting to expose Packham suffer daily threats (including death threats) and abuse from Packham supporters, some of whom have done jail time for violent law-breaking in the name of animal rights.

Packham should cease his BBC activities forthwith. A deeper and independent investigation should now be launched by the BBC. Also, national lotteries including the Dutch Postcode Lottery – who have paid thousands to Packham’s loony activist group Wild Justice which they are using to pay lawyers to sue ideological opponents with – should be informed and warned by their respective regulators. Why has the UK Government given Wild Justice a grant of £50,000?

Those with further information on Wildheart, Wild Justice, Chris Packham, the Isle of Wight Zoo or associated others can contact our editorial team in confidence here. Thankyou so much to those brave zoo whistleblowers who have come forward so far.

Chris Packham is a liar and a lot worse. His girlfriend Corney could not run a bath. Expect to hear much more from this magazine about Packham and his cronies over coming weeks. We shall not be silenced by this dime store huckster whose celebrity and influence the BBC is wholly to blame for.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Gamekeepers Association have this to say about Chris Packham and the anti grouse moor group Revive this week:

Chris Packham was on Twitter this week claiming gamekeepers were burning peat during Cop26. That statement was a lie and it was a knowing lie. Trying to put people on the dole and ditching centuries of indigenous knowledge seems to be ticketed entertainment for Revive. I just hope they are enjoying themselves because it’s shameful. The next time Scotland needs a million deer managed for biodiversity or requires community help to extinguish climate damaging wildfires, such as Morayshire in 2019, the gamekeepers can stand down. We look forward to Revive and their paid lobbyists riding to the rescue from Edinburgh and England and getting their hands dirty at the fire-front instead of talking working people in remote Scotland out of their jobs and homes.”

Resign, Packham. Now. You’re an absolute disgrace. Why the hell are we paying for this crook through the BBC which We Licence Fee payers own ? He’s wrecking lives and his ideological stance is doing great damage to the Great British Countryside. Let us continue to fight back. The win is just round the corner, Dear Readers and Friends.

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