Packham 3 Crowd Justice

The Crowd Justice crowdfunder which will help pay for the lawyers for the Packham 3 has now been set up and requires funding. Legal costs in such High Court trials are exorbitantly expensive and the Packham 3 – our Editor Dom Wightman, writer Nigel Bean and contributor Paul Read – have engaged some excellent defamation specialists to help defend them in the case.

Built by lawyers, CrowdJustice is the leading online fundraising platform specifically designed for legal action. Monies pledged and raised go directly to the solicitors in the case.

On behalf of all supporters, thank You for Your generosity. We wish the Packham 3 and their legal team all the very best.

The Crowd Justice Link is available here.

We’ll update on here regards some upcoming dates for the diary, including clay shoots and other fundraising events which will add to the Packham 3’s solicitors’ kitty. There has been a fabulous response behind the scenes. Cheers!

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