Crowdfund Update: Cheers All


Dear All,

Just a quick update on the Crowd Justice campaign for the ‘Packham 3’ – a crowdfund which goes straight to the lawyers which is progressing nicely and proving a very popular cause. The independent organisers have done a sterling job as we would expect given their pedigree and professionalism. Thanks to all who have contributed so far. If you’ve not yet contributed, the links and an outline for the reasons for donating can be accessed below:



The ‘3’ – Nigel Bean, Paul Read and I – face legal bills north of £150,000.00 + VAT, perhaps £250,000.00 just to defend our case in the High Court. This pays for a defamation specialist lawyer and one of the finest barristers in the land to defend us. We are well aware that there are others in this space who need defending as well as others who need to be dragged through the courts. We see this groundswell of support – both through the crowdfunders and in negotiations with major players behind the scenes – as the starting pistol on something much bigger. We cannot talk about the chances of winning here on these pages. We can let you all know where our hearts and minds are at in the long term, when this case is done and dusted.

Of course, saboteurs have been trying their hardest to, well, sabotage. While you enjoy the sunshine this weekend, do spare a thought for those sad trolls stuck in their attics behind their keyboards, spitting bile and stewing in their own self-hate and bitterness. We’re delighted to report that their efforts have failed:

We had a criminal troll write to our lawyers scared that the legal fund would be used instead to pay for an injunction to get him jailed! He wrote to the wrong law firm – as another firm, nothing to do with this case or any crowdfunders, is handling his and his stalking colleague’s further demise. We had a primary school teacher during work hours smear and defame us – she likely faces the sack according to a Department of Education apparatchik who now has the full details of her case. That dreadful old witch is still cackling away. Another sad bully – living out the collapse of his work and family life realtime on Tw*tter – has repeatedly posted incorrect facts online and his work colleagues, both stateside and in the UK, were decent and ashamed enough of him to confirm that he too was about to face the chop.

“He’s having a mid-life crisis. Sorry to say there is previous. We cannot in any way condone his actions. He’s out of control. We’re so sorry that a grown man can behave in this way.”

Hey ho. There is no progress without conflict. This ragtag bunch of sabs and trolls merely give power to our elbow. Their smears and imprecise factoids are gold dust to the defendants. They have become inextricably involved in the case from day 1 and it’s really not a good look for those entities, especially the regulated ones, so burdened by association.

So, 2 messages for now:

  • To supporters: Thanks SO much for your solidarity and generosity. Spread the links! Let’s raise a mighty war chest for the legal eagles.
  • To saboteurs and trolls, who really don’t like it up’em: Your very existence shows we are hovering over the target. Your persistence indicates just how rattled you are. Meanwhile, if any of you are feeling peckish, here’s a free recipe for you courtesy of Country Squire Magazine. Bon appetit, you charmers.

Have a lovely weekend, All.