Friday 13th Update: Packham 3


A brief update for all you generous supporters of the 3 of us defending our articles and other content in the much-anticipated Packham defamation case.

Today our legal team is expected to receive a reply to our defences from the Claimant’s solicitorvists. Our lawyers will then be discussing the case over coming days with counsel and deciding how we progress from there. 

We were expecting a Case Management Conference on the 17th of May but that has now, frustratingly, been vacated. Yes, delays are irritating but the courts have backlogs. We understand.

We have been involved in this litigation since March 2021 and frankly all of us on the defence side would like the matters resolved as soon as possible in a main trial so we can at last state our case in public for all to hear. The process seems to be taking one hell of a long time. I for one – as I am sure you can well comprehend – do not want to be tarred with the name ‘The Packham 3’ for any longer than I need to be. There are few worse monikers to repulse people with than that cup of sick, but at least people now know of our affliction.

Our legal team will explain the detail of the case in coming days on the Crowd Justice site now that defences and responses are accessible to the public. People can then investigate the details of the case themselves and – I don’t know – work out our personalities from how our handwriting slants.

Compared to the early April rush to get defences submitted in time, the last few weeks have been relatively calm. The independent fundraising team have been busy lining up backers. I have managed to do a spot of fishing on the Exe – savouring some of this clement weather – in between taking calls from now especially inquisitive journalists to which I have been dutifully answering ‘no comment’… oh, sometimes it’s so tempting …

The negative stuff – the mentally ill trolls and assortment of Claimant-supporting wackos one tends to collect like muck on the shoe during these high-profile cases – we have delegated to the authorities. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest meets Rosemary’s Baby meets Fatal Attraction.

I had a most bizarre conversation last week with a police officer while reporting a peculiar male sexagenarian pest who has something of a fixation on my ‘plump buttocks’…

“So, what does the troll mean by the Heimlich Manoeuvre in this instance, Mr Wightman?”

One wonders what these wackadoodles did for their kicks before the invention of the internet. Perhaps they were the curtain twitchers dribbling onto their windowsills, or the sly sleazeballs who nicked knickers off washing lines? We seem to have attracted quite a few of the blighters. In the words of that Welsh Wizard, the Farmer Gareth Wyn Jones, we 3 defendants have unquestionably been “living the dream” of late.  

Here’s another psychotic who seems to think that we have 5 days to cough up £250K – they are “feeling delighted”. This is a load of nonsense of course. Somewhere out there a village is missing its idiot. That’s not how Crowd Justice works, except in the heads of bitter, frothing lunatics.

So, to continue to irritate all those who wholly merit being upset, even the really dense ones who are “feeling delighted”, please keep up with the donations to the Crowd Justice fund. Every pound is like an arrow in their eye or a spray with a firehose. Every tenner is a bar of soap (not that dodgy, overpowering tat that Lush tries to peddle). Each fifty quid is like forcing them into a clean pair of pants.

I have attached the relevant links again below. These monies go straight to the lawyers. Let’s continue to build up a war chest, all. Some lovely music to accompany you while you make your donation. Thank You so very much indeed.

Crowd Justice Link

Kofi + PayPal Link