One China or Two?

BY ANASTASIA CHOO Donald Trump’s win on 8th November, based on a campaign of fiery and blistering rhetoric often singling out China, sent shock waves around the globe.  Mainstream media observed closely as world leaders raced to make that all-important phone call to congratulate the unpredictable political virgin.  Some calls were fulsome and some tentatively made but none caused as much furore as the phone … Continue reading One China or Two?

CSM’s Guide to Avoiding Colds

BY ANASTASIA CHOO Chattering teeth and gloomy evenings are the least of our worries as winter approaches. It’s snotty noses, aching bones, scratchy throats and hacking coughs which become the number one challenges of the season. Doctors are yet to find a cure for the dreaded rhinovirus but here are some preventative measures and remedies extracted from current scientific research, which I’ve put together for … Continue reading CSM’s Guide to Avoiding Colds

7 Types of Secret Santa to Fear

BY ANASTASIA CHOO Secret Santa is a concept – where you’re randomly assigned a person for whom you must buy an anonymous gift within a set budget – which, on the surface, seems tailor made for the work place.  After all, it’s completely impractical for everyone at work to buy everyone else a present, even if they wanted to, which probably they don’t. However, in … Continue reading 7 Types of Secret Santa to Fear

In Defence of Operation Christmas Child

BY ANASTASIA CHOO The official turning on of the Christmas street lights in Oxford Street is the starting pistol for me to organise Christmas, my favourite time of the year.  It starts with the Christmas card list and my children getting excited about filling their Operation Christmas Child shoe-boxes for the Samaritan’s Purse. I enjoy writing out my Christmas card list, choosing which card design … Continue reading In Defence of Operation Christmas Child

Fire Breathing Dragons

BY ANASTASIA CHOO There is a stereotypical image of GP surgery receptionists being grim faced, fire-breathing dragons.  They often score poorly in NHS Patient Surveys. Patients complain that they find doctors’ receptionists obstructive, incompetent and unfriendly. In a recent Cancer Research UK survey based on 2000 patients, 4 out of 10 said they did not like being asked too many probing questions by non-clinical staff … Continue reading Fire Breathing Dragons

Country Squire Magazine Launches

BY JAMIE FOSTER Welcome to Country Squire Magazine, Dear Reader. Our magazine launches today amidst great fanfare. Rural dwellers across these sceptred isles, please raise a glass. This is your new platform which we hope will inform, inspire and entertain you for years to come. Unlike our more established rivals, popping corks at the metropolitan offices of The Field, Countryfile Magazine or Countrylife, we do … Continue reading Country Squire Magazine Launches

Letter From Hong Kong

BY ANASTASIA CHOO The Royal Yacht Britannia sailed into Hong Kong harbour flanked by a flotilla of local boats, with two Royal Navy Sea King helicopters circling overhead…she was on her final voyage.  After much pomp and ceremony displayed by the People’s Republic of China, Prince Charles and Governor Chris Patten boarded the Britannia during the early hours of 1st July 1997 to make their … Continue reading Letter From Hong Kong

Keep Calm, Drink Tea

BY ANASTASIA CHOO Andrea Leadsom, who helped spearhead the Brexit Campaign, announced on 18th October a Five-Year post-Brexit plan to boost the British economy by almost £3 Billion through the export of British products. What were her genius “British” products? Tea, jam and biscuits. Tea is from China and the best jam and biscuits tend to herald from France.  It’s not difficult to see why … Continue reading Keep Calm, Drink Tea