View from Deutschland

BY LUTZ BRADLER For a prediction on how divided the UK will be in 2040, perhaps one can look at German sentiment today, almost thirty years on from reunification. While reunification and Brexit are hardly equivalents, they represent seismic shifts for Germany and the UK respectively. Brexit is the lesser of the seismic shifts, depending on what deal the EU and the UK reach in … Continue reading View from Deutschland

Remoan Tribe’s Scapegoat Mania

BY SAM HOOPER Many so-called liberals are great at diagnosing destructive political tribalism when it manifests in other people, but are often blind to the same pathologies within their own ranks. I wrote a long piece earlier this month about deepening political tribalism as it relates to Brexit. After the piece was serialised in Country Squire Magazine, much of the pushback I received from the usual suspects within the … Continue reading Remoan Tribe’s Scapegoat Mania

In the Dark Heart of Remain Britain

BY SAM WHITE A pragmatic decision was made by the people of the United Kingdom last year, to jump the listing European Union tanker and make a bid for freedom. Following the referendum, relieved and optimistic voters around Britain have been looking forward to a future which is both global and sovereign. There have manifested though, pockets of the country in which the door has … Continue reading In the Dark Heart of Remain Britain

Brexiteers Are Neanderthals

BY SAM WHITE I thought things were going well. We were in the EU and Britain was being drained of its troublesome sovereignty as I, through my subscription to Everyday Feminism, was being radically unchained from my toxic masculinity. Brussels knows best. Who needs to know the names of the suits in charge anyway? They’re European, nice shoes, brandy on tap. They’re just better at … Continue reading Brexiteers Are Neanderthals

The Attraction of ‘Demagogues’

BY JON ALEXANDER Whatever the outcome of Brexit, I’ve learned one thing…being enlightened involves Memes, LOTS of Memes! The recent court case might derail the Brexit process or it might delay it. The case has highlighted a lot of divides. Many in the Remain Camp feel that their opinion doesn’t matter, they’re being forced into something they don’t want to do and they are being made … Continue reading The Attraction of ‘Demagogues’


BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Hearing the high-pitched squeals of some Remainers over recent weeks has been shocking – not just for Leavers but for many Remainers too, who were never die-hard about the referendum in the first place. Suddenly Brits across the land have discovered their inner political animal when, previously, they seemed more bothered about the outcomes of the Six Nations or Strictly. This week’s … Continue reading Premainiacs

Handling Remainiacs

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN It’s difficult to be too rude about Remainers. After all, they likely include friends, family members and those fellow Britons you smile at in the street or in the train. For all you know your Milkman is a Remainer, your child’s teacher could be an avid European and your kindly local vicar was told by God in some sherry-induced revelation to land a cross in the Remain box. … Continue reading Handling Remainiacs