BY TARQUIN SUTHERLAND It’s enough to makes one’s heart swell. The curse has been lifted, and now everyone in the nation can start believing in miracles. The lads of the England football team dug deep and broke their duck… the sight of our boys finally winning a penalty shootout made the nation’s hearts swell as one! Well – almost. Pride. This Saturday shall see a … Continue reading Pride


The Ducking Stool

BY TARQUIN SUTHERLAND Don’t do it, Lord Sugar. Refuse. Point blank. You cannot win. The charismatic Amstrad boss and erstwhile telly star of The Apprentice has landed himself in hot water of late – for tweeting ‘spicy’ memes on the internet. How dank, as the youngsters say. Sugar’s bosses at Creepy Uncle Beeb however were not so impressed with his antics and the modern-day mob … Continue reading The Ducking Stool

What’s in a Word?

BY TARQUIN SUTHERLAND To make sense of the way the western world is at the moment one simply must understand the core tenet in Neomarxist postmodernism that ‘everything is political’. And when these activists say EVERYTHING, they mean EVERYTHING – and that includes language itself. For these zealots have assigned all manner of twisted meanings to words that you are most likely unaware of. The … Continue reading What’s in a Word?