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Jamie Foster, Chief Writer @1jamiefoster

Country Solicitor Jamie Foster has built a reputation through defending high profile cases of alleged illegal hunting, almost invariably successfully. And he has built a larger-than-life personality through social media – most notably via Twitter (110,000 tweets and counting). It’s a persona, created 140 characters at a time, that matches his choice of red trousers and the loud tweed checks he often favours. Jamie recently topped the voting to be elected as a director to the board of the Countryside Alliance, the pro-hunting, shooting and fishing organisation with more than 100,000 members that fights on behalf of rural communities across the country. For more on Jamie look here.


Jon Alexander @ninjamoose101

Jon’s a Devon boy who moved up to Manchester in 2002 in search of fun and adventure. He’s stayed there ever since. Jon works in manufacturing and has a penchant for mocking Labour. In Jon’s own words: I suppose, in many ways, I don’t fit in with the usual view of a gay man, I’m right-wing for a start, which has attracted the odd “traitor” and “why on Earth do you vote Tory?” comments and questions. For more on Jon look here.


Dominic Wightman 

Dom’s a Surrey villages man who has travelled the world for both work and pleasure. A former ministerial adviser and think tanker in the UK, Dom currently advises a senior politician and a Central Bank Governor outside the UK, whilst working in the mining sector. Dom currently edits Country Squire Magazine as well as contributing to the National Security Section of Breitbart. In the course of his travels, Dom met his wife, Widdie, a Venezuelan beauty queen and TV presenter, with whom he has two children. Dom’s a lifelong Tory and is also a vocal supporter of Voluntad Popular in Venezuela. After hanging up his rugby boots a few years ago, Dom has become a keen fly fisherman and – if not on a plane – can be found on an English riverbank somewhere beside his trusty chocolate labs. For more on Dom look here.


Sam White, @SamWhiteTky

Sam is a journalist and writer, and has quite a following on Country Squire Magazine. Originally from Manchester, he’s currently resident in Tokyo, and usually writes about politics and current affairs. He also works sometimes as a photographer, concentrating on concerts and events, and doing some street photography. Sam’s writing has appeared on British sites such as The Spectator, Spiked Online, Vice, and The Huffington Post. In Japan he’s contributed to Metropolis Magazine and GaijinPot, in the US to The Federalist and Splice Today, and in Australia to Quillette. Sam’s blog Up All Night can be found here.



Anastasia Choo @Anastasia_Choo

Anastasia is British born and educated; a proud Brit with Hong Kong Chinese heritage. Anastasia travelled and worked abroad in her 20’s before settling into marriage and motherhood. A happy Mum of three beautiful children and a recent “Rugby Mum”, Anastasia is a centre ground Conservative and disagrees equally with both Far Left and Far Right. She was a Remainer in the EU Referendum despite finding the EU a baffling institution in desperate need of reform. Anastasia has first hand experience of racism and harassment, her writing promises to lay bare some of the harsher realities of country living in 21st century Britain. For more on Anastasia look here.


Matthew Corrigan @CorriganMJ

Matthew Corrigan used to have a nice little business until everything went wrong all at once. Underqualified for a proper job and overqualified for an, erm, improper one, he picked up a pencil and uncovered latent talent as a writer. His first novel OSPREY told the tale of a dubious politician with an even more dubious idea involving flying wind turbines. He is currently writing his second. Comically impecunious, his dream of a farmhouse in the west of Brittany remains elusive. Anyone wishing to prolong his foolish fantasy can buy a copy of his novel through all good bookshops or as an ebook hereHis articles may be found here. Facebook (comment and puerile humour) here.


Mandy Baldwin 

Mandy Baldwin is a freelance writer/Kindle author, born near Heathrow airport.  She has lived in Buckinghamshire, Cornwall and France, returning to England in 2013. She has variously made a living – enough to support three children, solo – by working as a film-extra, selling fish and chips, running an art-group, tutoring home-schooled children, giving piano-lessons and selling her own paintings. 


John Ismael

John Ismael is a bond trader by day and an occasional writer by night. A Dad of five, John lives in South West London with his wife Ruth. John’s passions are writing, tennis and the board game Go. John was educated at Cambridge and, in an earlier incarnation, the corridors of Whitehall. 


Alexia James @CSquireMagazine

A PhD student of Political Philosophy, Alexia James currently describes herself as a Paleo-libertarian but “that will likely change next week”. Alexia grew up in Dulwich then moved to Cornwall aged ten. Since getting married and having her first child two years ago, Alexia somehow manages to juggle student hood with parenting and working for a PR firm specialising in food. Alexia is a keen kick-boxer so be careful what you leave her in terms of comments.


Charlie Pradan, Commercial Director @CSquireMagazine


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