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Country Squire Magazine’s writers come from a range of backgrounds and skill sets. If you feel that You have what it takes to get published on the CSM Platform then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Editor editor (at) countrysquiremagazine.co.uk


Jamie Foster, Chief Writer @1jamiefoster

Jamie Foster – a former Director of The Countryside Alliance – has a background as a country solicitor. He built a reputation through defending high profile cases of alleged illegal hunting, almost invariably successfully. He takes inspiration from living and working in the English countryside. Jamie brings his own individual take on the subjects that he writes about from countryside matters to Brexit and beyond. For more on Jamie look here.

James Bembridge @TheBembridge

Living in Zurich during the Brexit referendum, James was shocked to receive ridicule from dinner party guests over Britain’s decision to leave the EU. The Swiss – some German-born, it must be said – would often say: ‘what have you people done?’ The hypocrisy to criticise Britain for leaving the EU whilst choosing to make their wealth in a European country that isn’t even in it, infuriated James. Out of this fury, an interest in politics was born. James interviews esteemed guests on contentious social and political issues, seeking unique perspectives from both left and right of the political spectrum. James is the Deputy Editor of Country Squire Magazine and has been pivotal in building campaigns such as the CSM countering oppression of Christians campaign. James runs CSM’s social media accounts.


Jon Alexander @ninjamoose101

Jon’s a Devon boy who moved up to Manchester in 2002 in search of fun and adventure. He’s stayed there ever since. Jon works in manufacturing and has a penchant for mocking Labour. In Jon’s own words: I suppose, in many ways, I don’t fit in with the usual view of a gay man, I’m right-wing for a start, which has attracted the odd “traitor” and “why on Earth do you vote Tory?” comments and questions. For more on Jon look here.


Alexia James @CSquireMagazine

A PhD student of Political Philosophy, Alexia James currently describes herself as a Paleo-libertarian but “that will likely change next week”. Alexia grew up in Dulwich then moved to Cornwall aged ten. Since getting married and having her first child two years ago, Alexia somehow manages to juggle student hood with parenting and working for a PR firm specialising in food. Alexia is a keen kick-boxer so be careful what you leave her in terms of comments.

Dominic Wightman

Dominic Wightman, Editor @csquiremagazine

Dom’s a Surrey villages man who has travelled the world for both work and pleasure. A former ministerial adviser and think tanker in the UK, Dom is a very part time writer/editor and a full-time businessman. He advises a senior politician and a former Central Bank Governor outside the UK, whilst sitting on the board of a business in the mining sector, recently becoming Chair of a private security and asset management company. Dom has edited Country Squire Magazine in the UK since 2016, overseeing the opening of an Indian edition in Bangalore in 2021 – he occasionally writes for other publications including India’s Sunday Guardian. In the course of his travels, Dom met his wife, Widdie, a Venezuelan beauty queen and TV presenter, with whom he has two children. Dom’s a small c conservative of moderate views and backs up his conservative stance by chairing a heritage trust and actively supporting groups opposing hardliner socialists in Venezuela. After hanging up his rugby boots, Dom became a keen fly fisherman and – if not on a plane – can be found on a riverbank somewhere beside his trusty chocolate labs or frantically digging his terrier out of a hole. For more on Dom look here.

Rochelle Blakeman, Writer @csquiremagazine

Having grown up on her family’s farm in Staffordshire, Rochelle Blakeman has a life-long respect for the unforgiving work of the country man and woman. Her passion for writing started young when she loved to read the rural tales of Enid Blyton, Beatrix Potter and Dick King Smith, so began to pen her own stories (themes ranged from talking cows to murders at the local inn). Inspired by her excellent teachers to pursue the humanities, she has since dived into city life and gained two degrees in classical studies and political communication respectively. Now working towards a career in public affairs, she hopes to fight back against fashionable ‘farmer bashing’ in environmental debates. Rochelle finds joy in long walks, rock music and looking after donkeys.


Anastasia Choo @CSquireMagazine

Anastasia Choo is a British Born Chinese (BBC), her parents emigrated to the UK from Hong Kong in the sixties and built a successful business. Raised with a combination of neo-Confucian Chinese upbringing and the best of British attending an all-girls school she experienced the best of both cultures growing up. Breaking with traditional expectations of Chinese parents, she did not pursue a career in accounting or law, instead she travelled and worked overseas during her twenties before settling down to married life. A devoted mum of three beautiful children she is often found cheering on her lad at rugby matches or baking cakes for the PTA. Anastasia has previously worked with the Chinese Community of which a substantial proportion are Conservative supporters. As a centre ground Tory she believes values such as hard work, family, education and entrepreneurship are common ground for both Conservatives and most Chinese. During the EU referendum she encountered nasty misogynistic and racist abuse from a Brexit supporting follower on social media and was stalked for some time until the police arrested the offender. The experience has made Anastasia a little wary of engaging on social media, but she will not allow this incident to “shut her down” and will continue to voice her thoughts here at Country Squire Magazine. Anastasia loves her country and wants the best outcome for our country post Brexit.


Sam White, @SamWhiteTky

Sam is a journalist and writer, and has quite a following on Country Squire Magazine. Originally from Manchester, he’s currently resident in Tokyo, and usually writes about politics and current affairs. He also works sometimes as a photographer, concentrating on concerts and events, and doing some street photography. Sam’s writing has appeared on British sites such as The Spectator, Spiked Online, Vice, and The Huffington Post. In Japan he’s contributed to Metropolis Magazine and GaijinPot, in the US to The Federalist and Splice Today, and in Australia to Quillette. Sam’s blog Up All Night can be found here.


Sam Hooper, @SamHooper

Samuel Hooper writes over at Semi Partisan Politics, describing himself as an erstwhile management consultant turned political journalist and blogger. Sam lives in London with his Texan wife. Sam offers a running commentary on British and American politics, culture and current affairs. Sam retrained in journalism with London-based social enterprise Poached Creative and can usually be found somewhere online, discussing politics, free markets, civil liberties, conservatarianism or classical music. Sam also regularly writes for The Daily Globe, Conservatives for Liberty and Guerrilla Policy, debates on London Live TV and has appeared as a guest on the BBC Daily Politics.

mahima bio pic

Mahima Sharma @MahimaSharmaS

Mahima Sharma is an Independent Journalist, Content Curator and Poet from New Delhi, India. Before taking to writing for passion, she was News Editor with CNN-News18 and ANI (a collaboration with Reuters). She began her media-career in 2003 as a PR Manager with E-Lexicon PR & Mutual PR respectively. But she found her calling in her pen and joined the renowned Hindustan Times newspaper. After a couple of front-page news exclusives at the HT, ANI got her aboard, where she was a key player and team leader who spread her wings in TV, Print as well as Digital Journalism and Production. In 2010 CNN-IBN (now CNN-News18) offered her, her dream job in famous journalist Rajdeep Sardesai’s core team. After having dedicated her expertise to her favourite place of work for about seven years, Mahima finally decided to chase her passion to travel, pen-down words of her choice and capture visuals that made impact (rather than viral videos). She is now a Columnist with many renowned national and international news websites as well as webzines. A science Graduate who did post-graduation in English & mass Communication, Mahima is also into short-film-making and documentary production, besides being a versatile writer.

Deborah Jane Nicholas @HorseWisdomDeb

Deborah Jane Nicholas is the owner of horsewisdomblog.com where the goal is to improve horse welfare. Driven by a belief that if owners understand their horses better they will improve communication, and ultimately the life of the horse. Deborah writes mainly about the horse industry, equine psychology, behaviour and herd instincts. Her roles in the industry have been extensive ranging from 12 hour days in the saddle herding up cattle in the Australian outback to teaching riding lessons, working for dealers, breakers, trainers, the RDA and running stable management courses. Up until early 2017 she was producing the marketing content and writing short articles for a professional horse trainer. Completing her BSc Science (Hons) Natural Science, and her only child starting university, Deborah took the opportunity to fully focus on writing her own articles. Born in Wales in 1971 Deborah now lives in a rural village on the outskirts of Buckinghamshire. Learning to write in a scientific capacity combined with 40 years of equine knowledge has given her the skills necessary to produce informative content that owners will find useful…and ideally benefit their horse.

moody bio pic

Andrew Moody, @VoguishFiction

Andrew Moody attended the top non-private grammar school in the UK and by age 17 had written and performed his first rap track, MIDDLE CLASS WHITE BOY, with his sights set on a career as a novelist. Two years later he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and remains under the care of the NHS – even now, sixteen years later. A regular contributor to Splice Today, Andrew is the self-published author of the anti-psychiatry novel SMOKING IS COOL. Andrew is also an accomplished Battle Rapper so be careful what you say to him unless you want to appear on a track. Andrew is a regular on Country Squire Magazine keeping a blow-by-blow account of the culture wars, as well as being the resident film critic.


Matthew Corrigan @CorriganMJ

Matthew Corrigan used to have a nice little business until everything went wrong all at once. Underqualified for a proper job and overqualified for an, erm, improper one, he picked up a pencil and uncovered latent talent as a writer. His first novel OSPREY told the tale of a dubious politician with an even more dubious idea involving flying wind turbines. He is currently writing his second. Comically impecunious, his dream of a farmhouse in the west of Brittany remains elusive. Anyone wishing to prolong his foolish fantasy can buy a copy of his novel through all good bookshops or as an ebook hereHis articles may be found here. Facebook (comment and puerile humour) here.


John Ismael @CSquireMagazine

John Ismael is a bond trader by day and an occasional writer by night. A Dad of five, John lives in South West London with his wife Ruth. John’s passions are writing, tennis and the board game Go. John was educated at Cambridge and, in an earlier incarnation, the corridors of Whitehall. 


Ben Pensant @ben_pensant 

Country Squire’s token leftist, Ben was born in Newcastle in the late ’70s and survived the Thatcher years despite being regularly beaten and forced to eat coal by alcoholic parents. Against all odds he forged a successful career as a welfare recipient before becoming a full-time polemicist in 2016 after sustaining severe concussion at his local food bank attempting to free his head from a tin of pineapple chunks. He has appeared in The Guardian, The Canary and The New Statesman and was subsequently banned from the comments sections of all three. His pronouns are he/hi/ho.


Frank Haviland @Frankhaviland

Born a South London council estate scruff in the late 1970’s, Frank Haviland is a one-man Patriarchy. Having now added the onset of middle-age and balding to his extensive privilege CV, Frank has swapped the hustle and bustle of London for the Land of the Morning Calm (South Korea), where he runs a small English school.  His first book Banalysis: the lie destroying the West (due early 2019) contends that the lie of equality is the unifying principle behind every left-wing absurdity. As a writer, Frank is a regular contributor to various Conservative publications, where his controversial pen aims to puncture the progressive narrative whether it may be found. Frank’s main passion is chess. He can be found at www.frankhaviland.com or on Twitter: @Frankhaviland.


Ruchira Ghosh @CSquireMagazine

New Delhi-based Ruchira Adhikari Ghosh eats, drinks and dreams literature.  She has a penchant for fiction & classical masterpieces. No nonfiction for her – however marvellous it may be. From Shakespeare to Hardy to Dickens onward to Continental writers, Romain Rolland, Flaubert, Zola, Chekov, Gogol,  and Tolstoy she has read them  all in translation and finds them fascinating. An English (Hons) graduate from Panjab University Chandigarh, she later obtained a Master’s degree in the same arena, from the same  institution. She also has a Post Graduate diploma in journalism & Mass Communication. A professional journalist, she has regularly contributed to noted dailies viz Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, beside up market journals like Society and Savvy. For everyday leisure reading she prefers mystery, adventure, and crime thrillers; be it Doyle, Agatha Christie, Poe or Perry Mason.  For her, creativity is a journey into the realm of fantasy. It also offers her a catharsis from emotional turmoil & worldly woes.  

Keemee @CSquireMagazine

Keemee is CSM’s uploader. Based in Quezon City, Manila, Keemee is an experienced IT professional and SEO/SMM expert.