The Lord Hertford Interview

When Henry Jocelyn Seymour, the 9th Marquess of Hertford, celebrated his 60th birthday on July 6, the British peer also marked two other notable 60th anniversaries. Ragley Hall, the Warwickshire stately home he inherited from his father in 1991, will have been open to the public for 60 years this summer, and the estate will be hosting one of his favourite events, The Game Fair, … Continue reading The Lord Hertford Interview

Tiropitakia – Rustic Mini Feta Cheese Pies

BY NONI CHRISTOPOULOS (Makes approx. 40) This Greek Meze is great for entertaining and the pastry is so easy to make. Serve as nibbles with drinks at parties, or pack as a snack in a packed lunch or picnic.  They freeze well too, just defrost and pop them in a warm oven, and you’ll think they’re freshly baked. Ingredients: Pastry 500g self-raising flour 250g natural … Continue reading Tiropitakia – Rustic Mini Feta Cheese Pies

May’s Flank Now Truly Exposed

BY JAMIE FOSTER With the resignations of Boris Johnson and David Davis, the good ship Theresa May is taking on water. It may be that the Brexit negotiations sink it entirely. Now Mrs May is attempting the impossible. On the one hand she is trying to reach agreement across the deeply divided Tory Party. On the other hand, she is looking for something that the … Continue reading May’s Flank Now Truly Exposed

Are UK Think Tanks Waking Up?

BY NICK GREEN The release of the following video by Dr Kristian Niemietz, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, explains why socialism must always lead to totalitarian government and the elimination of individual freedoms. The IEA should be congratulated for producing this content, which, albeit a tad dry and occasionally using words too complicated for 3 in 5 Brits, could well turn those … Continue reading Are UK Think Tanks Waking Up?

Tropical Eton Mess

BY CECILIA NAYLOR A slight twist to a traditional English dessert replacing the strawberries with tropical fruit: Serves 4 Ingredients: 300ml double cream 200ml Greek-style yoghurt 4 shop-bought meringue nests 1 ripe mango, skin and stone removed, flesh cut into 1cm pieces 3 passion fruits halved 4 fresh mint sprigs, to decorate (optional) Method: Gently whip the cream in a large bowl until soft peaks … Continue reading Tropical Eton Mess