Anatolian Lamb, Couscous & Flatbread

Ingredients: Lamb 4 lamb fillets, sliced into 1cm slices 2 tbsp of soy sauce 1 tsp ground cumin 1 garlic clove, finely crushed 40g of golden syrup 1/4 bunch of rosemary, finely chopped 1 tbsp of vegetable oil Couscous 200g of couscous (plus 200ml boiling water) 40g of pine nuts, toasted 40g of raisins 1 tbsp of parsley, chopped Salt To serve 200g of Greek … Continue reading Anatolian Lamb, Couscous & Flatbread

Far Right Facade

BY BEN PENSANT Fighting fascism isn’t for everyone. The hours are shitty, the pay is non-existent, and few of us possess the mental strength to spend every waking hour staring at a phone, calling strangers Nazis, and utterly destroying the Tories by re-tweeting edgy memes of Theresa May scratching her arse. And with Sunday’s fresh set of right-wing press smears followed by the Jewish Lickspittle Movement’s vote of … Continue reading Far Right Facade


BY TARQUIN RAFFERTY-SUTHERLAND The sombre full-moon peaks behind a bloated, pitch-black cloud; pregnant with the promise of a great down-pour. It’s eerie glowing light filters down and finds your face, in the tormented twilight’s deepest, darkest hour. …and the the blood pounds in your ears and your subconscious fills with childhood fears; the terror seems to make you float and horror grabs you by the … Continue reading Monsters

The EU Creaks

CSM EDITORIAL Since before the EU Referendum in June 2016 the Remain side has sold Project Fear. The constant warnings about Brexit have ranged from medicine shortages to grounded planes. Many of these threats have come from EU sources. The EU are clearly worried that the UK might just leave without making them a large payment and without staying in their system for another 24 months … Continue reading The EU Creaks