Vote Brexit Party

CSM EDITORIAL There is no point voting Conservative tomorrow. Labour’s all over the shop and they’re antisemitic Britain-haters. The Lib Dems want to revoke Article 50 and are neither liberal nor democratic. The Greens are Labour Marxists in disguise. Change UK / TIG / whatever they are called are hilariously awful. It’s a one-off protest vote and the country needs Brexit. So, Country Squire Magazine … Continue reading Vote Brexit Party

Animal Co-Operative

Robert Adam’s ‘Animal Co-operative’ is the story of the EEC and the EU, up to recent times, told in the allegorical style of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. You can purchase it here. Country Squire Magazine’s Alexia James interviews Robert.   AJ: What drove you to write the book? RA: Ever since reading Animal Farm in English class at school (along with many millions of others over … Continue reading Animal Co-Operative


BY BEN PENSANT Society is damaged by the insidious trend for fake people. Take Titania MacGrath, the pretend-leftist who melted fascist hearts with her recently published manifesto, Woke: A Guide To Crypto Fascism, the most offensively unfunny book I’ve never read and have no intention of reading. In fact, it was so dreadful I might not read it again just in case I missed something … Continue reading Titania