Peaceniks or Killers? Part III

BY DEBORAH JANE NICHOLAS Biting The specific area in which a bite is placed may appear random, yet this particular manoeuvre is not without its tactics. Full force biting is very different from nipping, as many owners of domestic horses could no doubt corroborate. It would be very unusual for any owner that has been around horses for many years to have not felt the … Continue reading Peaceniks or Killers? Part III

The Arrogant #FBPE Movement

BY SAM HOOPER Middle class #FBPE-ers of Britain unite! Talk to your Brexity, working class butchers, builders, plumbers, electricians and gardeners and educate them out of their superstitious dislike of the European Union. There are few things more irritating than being called ignorant and closed-minded by a group of people who are themselves at that very moment being monumentally ignorant and closed-minded. Sadly, this is … Continue reading The Arrogant #FBPE Movement

Time for Business to Swat SJWs

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN It never fails to amaze me. The companies that stop advertising across publications and channels because the SJW Twitter mob – anoraks like Stop Funding Hate – descend upon them on social media. After all, who are their market? How often do you take shopping advice from a crusty SJW or use your hard-earned income to mirror their fashion, eating habits or … Continue reading Time for Business to Swat SJWs

The Cosmopolitan Choke Part II

BY LEE BEING Part I of Lee’s escape from London to the countryside can be found here.  The backlash was almost instantaneous. Accusations of being ‘Middle England’s Bitch’, and even getting accused of being ‘platformed’ for my views. Gosh. How awful. Freedom of speech (as long as it conforms to whichever one remains dominant to – whichever creed you engage with) ubiquitous. This person was angry. He was ‘triggered’ in common … Continue reading The Cosmopolitan Choke Part II