10 Countryside Villagers You Might Know

BY NIKKI WILDE Sir Max Strapley – octogenarian head of the local Conservatives with a penchant for sherry and golf. Once got in trouble with the police for straying onto a village footpath from his garden carrying a Purdey Over and Under which he pointed at ramblers. Bob Quince – the local publican. Retired policeman from the Big Smoke full of tales of derring-do. Built … Continue reading 10 Countryside Villagers You Might Know

Children Should Not Vote

BY MANDY BALDWIN So, a general election has been called and immediately come the cries from fringe parties – notably the Greens and Lib Dems – for voting to be extended to sixteen-year-olds. They seem not to realise that by calling for those who are still legally children to be granted the most solemn honour a democracy can bestow, they automatically brand themselves as being … Continue reading Children Should Not Vote

Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN Three years ago I watched in stunned amazement as a Qatar Airlines jet was escorted into Manchester Airport. Its captain had reported that a threat had been made against the aircraft and the RAF was sent to intervene. Thankfully it was just a hoax. Some poor passenger had lost his mind and claimed to have a bomb. Seeing the heavily-armed fighter shepherd … Continue reading Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn

For the Atheists

VICAR One of the things I enjoy most in life is debating with atheists. There are many more atheists around these days than when I was a young man. Or, perhaps, after the public announcements of Richard Dawkins and that masterful theologian Ricky Gervais, people are just more confident about publicly stating their atheist beliefs (or should I say non-beliefs). There’s a story I relate … Continue reading For the Atheists