Gay Africa Must Be Heard

BY JON ALEXANDER With all the recent hype over Trump getting elected, Brexit, the Conservatives staying in power, you’d think that gay rights in the U.K. and U.S. were due to be ripped from us and everything we’ve achieved thrown out of the window.  Naturally, it was just that…hype. Donald Trump was the only candidate to go into the election “pro-gay” as it were, both … Continue reading Gay Africa Must Be Heard

The Girl Who Owned A Rainbow

BY MAHIMA SHARMA   ‘Swift and sloshing over the rocks, River of Life flows like a song. Some will see…only the hurdles, But other few…just sing along.   Smiling through the battles, It is nothing a cost in giving. Laughing through the sorrows, Making each day worth living.   Clouds are dark, sound scary & deep? No. Stars await, beyond my leap. Storm, lightening or … Continue reading The Girl Who Owned A Rainbow

A Week In Identity Politics

BY SAM WHITE If someone were to ask, “what’s the best way to divide society, make everyone hate each other, and bring the whole thing to a state of collapse from the inside?” I might answer with just two words: “identity politics”. It’s difficult to imagine a more regressive approach to life than that endorsed by this horrible philosophy. As a quick reminder, the ideology … Continue reading A Week In Identity Politics