Autonomous for UK Autonomy

BY MICK CROSSLEY For townsfolk like those in Boston in Lincolnshire, the EU Referendum gave them an opportunity to protest about the mass immigration which had so altered their lives. In counties like Lincolnshire, large numbers of farm worker immigrants had begun to change the face of local rural communities as well. Many so-called Native Britons there were getting fed up with the new influx of … Continue reading Autonomous for UK Autonomy

Bloody Mary Champagne

Ingredients:  8 ounces tomato juice 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice Tabasco sauce, to taste Drained bottled horseradish, to taste Pepper, to taste Salt, to taste Oyster liquor, reserved from one dozen oysters (optional) Good-quality Champagne Preparation:  Stir all ingredients in small pitcher or large bowl and refrigerate until cold, for about 1 hour. Add about 2 ounces of the mixture to … Continue reading Bloody Mary Champagne

Unite4Europe’s Unelected

BY SIMON O’LEARY The irony of the EU being run by an unelected body failed to register with Donald Tusk on Saturday: ‘I was born exactly 60 years ago, so I am the same age as the European Community,’ said the solemn European Council President in Rome on Saturday. ‘At that time, we all looked to the West, towards a free and unifying Europe, instinctively … Continue reading Unite4Europe’s Unelected

Customers Think They’re Always Right

BY ANDY COLLIDGE When you are in a trade or business that is constantly frequented by the public, there inevitably comes that invariable onslaught of thoughts, opinions, requirements and self-indulgence. After only a very short while, you begin, not intentionally, to put people with similar attitudes and characteristics into certain categories. After a longer while at the mercy of the over-needy public, the more elevated of … Continue reading Customers Think They’re Always Right

A Prayer for Westminster

VICAR Dear Readers, I wish you a blessed Sunday. Please join me today in praying for those caught up in this week’s Westminster attack. In particular, we think of those who lost their lives: Leslie Rhodes, Aysha Frade, Kurt Cochran and PC Keith Palmer. We pray for their loved ones, particularly young children. Almighty God, We thank you for your perfect love. Perfect love drives … Continue reading A Prayer for Westminster

The Blitz Spirit and the Media

BY MATTHEW CORRIGAN A few years ago I researched a Luftwaffe bomber that was brought down over Cheshire. Unpicking the story was fascinating. I had to delve into RAF archives and intelligence records with ‘SECRET’ stamped in the corner; I was lucky enough to find people still able to remember the event. The tale unfolded gradually, a complex but rewarding process of checking and cross-checking … Continue reading The Blitz Spirit and the Media