Brexit & The Very English Countryside

BY LAURENCE FITZGERALD As I write, the view from the window is simply stunning. Garden gives on to meadow then woodland upon which perch a loose nest of cottages sprawled up the saddleback of Holcombe hill, which then finally succumb to the wild moorlands of the West Pennines. Sadly, all this will eventually disappear. Since everyone lost the ‘Brexit election’ – Brexit is now at … Continue reading Brexit & The Very English Countryside


BY CHARLES EVANS ‘That’s She! The Only She! Make an honest woman of her – quick!’ was how Rudyard Kipling and his wife, Carrie, felt the first time they saw Bateman’s. Surrounded by the wooded landscape of the Sussex Weald, this 17th-century house, with its mullioned windows and oak beams, provided a much needed sanctuary to this world-famous writer. The rooms, described by him as … Continue reading Bateman’s

Giving Gove a Chance

BY BEN EAGLE It was certainly a shock to see Michael Gove reinstated to the Cabinet, especially in his new role leading Defra. Rarely does the department receive such a ‘big hitter’, usually being seen (frustratingly) as a relative backwater from which lower profile ministers can rise through the political ranks. Gove is a controversial, outspoken character and his appointment has ruffled feathers in the … Continue reading Giving Gove a Chance

The Economic Imperialist Misdirection

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I get called an imperialist quite a lot. This has much to do with being a white-skinned, green-eyed Englishman with links to the mining sector, who regularly travels on business to West Africa and South-East Asia. Unfairly, I get mistaken for a gringo when we are in my wife’s homeland of Venezuela, where Americans were referred to by the late Hugo Chávez … Continue reading The Economic Imperialist Misdirection


Considering what the mainstream media says about him, why on earth would a 21 year old mixed race girl want to march alongside Tommy Robinson in a Unite Against Hate march? On the other hand, why not? Here, Country Squire Magazine asks Jonaya, a participant in the recent Manchester March, about her motivations, opinions on Robinson and about how the UK Government is reacting to the … Continue reading Jonaya

Demonising Douglas

BY SAM WHITE If you say there’s a problem with de facto blasphemy policing around Islam, in which open criticism of this one particular religion is—to understate enormously—frowned upon, you might be chastised by left-wingers, who will inform you dismissively that no such problem exists. But there’s a characteristic shared by all of these people who insist there’s no issue around criticism of Islam: none … Continue reading Demonising Douglas