Rural Homelessness Underestimated

CSM EDITORIAL People are sleeping rough in parked cars and barns in the countryside because the stigma attached to homelessness in rural areas is “much stronger” than in cities, a new report says. According to a study by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) think tank, the “hidden crisis” of homeless people in England’s countryside is being “underestimated” as people bed down away from … Continue reading Rural Homelessness Underestimated

Rewilding Revisited

BY NIGEL BEAN According to several internet sources the phrase ‘Rewilding’ first appeared in 1990 and was written by a man called Dave Forman. He was a founder member of Earth First!, a radical group promoting sabotage as a weapon of intimidation against large corporations accused by the group of damaging the earth and plundering its resources. Dave Forman was inspired by a novel concerning … Continue reading Rewilding Revisited

The Benefits of Walking

BY BEN EAGLE ‘’I think that I cannot preserve my health and spirits, unless I spend four hours a day at least—and it is commonly more than that—sauntering through the woods and over the hills and fields, absolutely free from all worldly engagements.’’ Henry David Thoreau, Walking   Since I discovered his works as an undergraduate I have regularly enjoyed losing myself in the writing … Continue reading The Benefits of Walking

A Narrow Escape

BY LAURENCE FITZGERALD “I’ve had an epiphany,” said Blondie after one of her nights out, “It all makes sense now.”  This isn’t unusual after a night of heavy drinking, I’m sure you’ll agree – it’s that intoxicating mix of lack of sleep, still being pissed and the fractured carousel like recall of the previous evening – a merry-go-round of sticky table tops, streetlights and cackling … Continue reading A Narrow Escape

Love in the Countryside

Countryside singletons are being sought to take part in a new reality show that helps farmers and rural vets find love. Radio 2 DJ Sara Cox, who will host ‘Love in the Countryside’ on BBC Two next year, has already scooped various recruits. One, from Worcestershire, is a 33-year-old farmhand with a raucous sense of humour and soft-centred charm. Cox, who comes from a farming … Continue reading Love in the Countryside

Country Trust

Friends of Country Squire Magazine – The Country Trust – have issued a press release. The Country Trust do a brilliant job bringing the countryside to disadvantaged primary school children. We are happy to publish it below: Bringing the wonders of the countryside alive for city children Thanks to a donation from specialist caterers Caterlink to educational charity The Country Trust, children from three London … Continue reading Country Trust

Al Fresco Dangling & The Bulgarian Fish Racket

BY MANDY BALDWIN There’s much written about the weirdness of the Celtic Fringe, but only rarely does anyone mention quite how gloriously bonkers we English can be, unleashed in the countryside where nobody can hear us scream. As a regular camper, I’m used to a certain amount of oddity, but this last place has such a dreamlike quality, I’m glad my daughter was able to … Continue reading Al Fresco Dangling & The Bulgarian Fish Racket

Confessions of a Hunter Part 4

BY DEBORAH JANE NICHOLAS The Terminator Even with 120 hooves splashing with thunderous gusto along the rutted muddy farm track I could still distinguish that 4 of them were gaining on us from behind. This isn’t normally a concern but my ears informed me that this horse was becoming dangerously close to the rear of my horse. I took a swift look behind and saw … Continue reading Confessions of a Hunter Part 4