Monbiot’s Unintended Consequences

BY DAVID EYLES Don’t get me wrong about all this – I’m rather fond of George Monbiot’s writing. It is always entertaining and there is plenty to get your teeth into to get the argumentative juices flowing. His book – Feral – is just as you would expect. It is well written, almost poetic in places, spattered with knowledgeable asides about ecological systems and natural … Continue reading Monbiot’s Unintended Consequences

Bubble & Squeak Welsh Lamb

Ingredients for Bubble & Squeak Welsh Lamb:  1 double rack of lamb ‘French’ trimmed – fat removed and bones cleaned (your butcher will do this if you ask nicely) 1 tablespoon Welsh grain mustard 25g (1oz) fresh dried breadcrumbs Chopped fresh herbs – rosemary, thyme, lavender etc Half pint lamb stock – made from bones & trim from the rack 1 glass full bodied red … Continue reading Bubble & Squeak Welsh Lamb

Flooding Forgotten

BY ROBIN JACKS It was disappointing that Philip Hammond only made a cursory reference to the ‘countryside’ in this week’s budget. The Treasury’s coffers would be in an even more parlous state of affairs without the UK’s thriving tourism, farming and food industries. There were hopes from the countryside, amongst other announcements, for infrastructure guarantees on flooding defences. The countryside is on the frontline when … Continue reading Flooding Forgotten

Britain’s Bag Curse

BY JIM BROWNE There is undoubtedly an art to decorating trees. During the Christmas season I stay well clear of the tinsel and baubles although I’ll happily step in to sort out the lights if there’s a bulb come loose or, as often happens chez Browne, a mouse in the garage where our lights are stored has munched through a wire. The best decorated trees are the ones … Continue reading Britain’s Bag Curse

The Farmers Club, Whitehall

CSM EDITORIAL The Farmers Club provides the services of a private members club to the farming community, offering affordable accommodation along with fine dining facilities, bar and meeting rooms in the heart of London, backed by a vibrant programme to stimulate debate and provide a great social focus. The Club is a very handy place to stay overnight or for the weekend if visiting London … Continue reading The Farmers Club, Whitehall

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

BY RUPERT DEVONSHIRE It was one of the biggest properties we were likely to sell that year and we all wanted to be the one to claim that it was they who secured the deal. Home Farm was located in the county’s most sought after village, an elegant Georgian Farmhouse which had been extended over the years to become a very impressive Grade II listed … Continue reading The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

Things You Know If You Work With Farmers

BY ANNA BOWEN Eight and a half years and counting…! Any paperwork is highly likely to be covered in something that looks suspiciously like… actually not “suspiciously like” … it clearly is cow s**t. Getting in the Land Rover for a farm tour will involve sitting on top of a bag of feed, fitting your feet in between a bucket and a broken chainsaw and … Continue reading Things You Know If You Work With Farmers