Sheep Worrying Strikes Again

CSM EDITORIAL The problem of dogs attacking lambs during lambing season has once again cropped up and it is time something was finally done about it in the UK. Farmer’s Weekly was absolutely correct to publish graphic images of a recent attack on the lambs of James Edwards, who runs 4,500 ewes across a number of farms in north Hampshire. In solidarity, we have done … Continue reading Sheep Worrying Strikes Again

Confessions of a Hunter Part 2

BY DEBORAH JANE NICHOLAS   Hedge Dwelling The earliest records of the now almost extinct sport of Hedge Dwelling can be dated as far back as 1540. It is widely believed the sport coincided with the sport of fox hunting that had been growing in popularity in Norfolk since 1534. Traditionally hunting on horseback mainly focused on tracking deer but due to the decrease in … Continue reading Confessions of a Hunter Part 2

Confessions of a Hunter

BY DEBORAH JANE NICHOLAS The blood curdling screams tore through the air like a hot poker being driven into fresh snow and exceeded the sound level of a glacier calving off the Antarctic Peninsula. If those screams had been heard at 2 a.m on a housing estate in Milton Keynes the police would have been called, an ambulance…heck, it would have warranted an armed response. … Continue reading Confessions of a Hunter

Labour’s Hunting Scam

BY NIGEL BEAN Countryside folk expressed surprise and outrage last week when the leaked Labour manifesto contained a pledge to defend the now failed hunting act. Naturally to them, none of this makes sense. The good people of the countryside are responsible for the vast majority of animals in the UK and apply the highest and strictest animal welfare standards anywhere in the civilised world. … Continue reading Labour’s Hunting Scam

Homo Ferrum

BY DEBORAH JANE NICHOLAS It is widely accepted Homo Sapiens are the dominant species of Modern Human although approximately 150 000 years ago the genus Homo Ferrum evolved and diverged from other hominids in Africa. While not as successfully abundant in numbers as Homo Sapiens they subsequently spread globally. While the two species are similar in appearance and both have 23 pairs of chromosomes, DNA … Continue reading Homo Ferrum

The Rural Charter

CSM EDITORIAL Our friends over at the Countryside Alliance have produced a memorable election manifesto for 2017, which we highly recommend. The Alliance Manifesto can be downloaded here. The five top rural priorities outlined by the Countryside Alliance’s Rural Charter are summarised as follows: Make Brexit work for the countryside Buy British by supporting our farmers and producers Repeal the Hunting Act and recognise the … Continue reading The Rural Charter

The Devil is in the Detail

BY BEN EAGLE With the Tories sky high in the polls and Labour in disarray, it could be said that the overall result of this election is easier to predict than any other in living memory. Despite living in an age in which the unexpected often becomes reality, as all the pundits now say, it seems highly unlikely that the Conservatives won’t stretch their majority, … Continue reading The Devil is in the Detail