Giving Gove a Chance

BY BEN EAGLE It was certainly a shock to see Michael Gove reinstated to the Cabinet, especially in his new role leading Defra. Rarely does the department receive such a ‘big hitter’, usually being seen (frustratingly) as a relative backwater from which lower profile ministers can rise through the political ranks. Gove is a controversial, outspoken character and his appointment has ruffled feathers in the … Continue reading Giving Gove a Chance

The Economic Imperialist Misdirection

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I get called an imperialist quite a lot. This has much to do with being a white-skinned, green-eyed Englishman with links to the mining sector, who regularly travels on business to West Africa and South-East Asia. Unfairly, I get mistaken for a gringo when we are in my wife’s homeland of Venezuela, where Americans were referred to by the late Hugo Chávez … Continue reading The Economic Imperialist Misdirection


Considering what the mainstream media says about him, why on earth would a 21 year old black girl want to march alongside Tommy Robinson in a Unite Against Hate march? On the other hand, why not? Here, Country Squire Magazine asks Jonaya, a participant in the recent Manchester March, about her motivations, opinions on Robinson and about how the UK Government is reacting to the Islamist … Continue reading Jonaya

Demonising Douglas

BY SAM WHITE If you say there’s a problem with de facto blasphemy policing around Islam, in which open criticism of this one particular religion is—to understate enormously—frowned upon, you might be chastised by left-wingers, who will inform you dismissively that no such problem exists. But there’s a characteristic shared by all of these people who insist there’s no issue around criticism of Islam: none … Continue reading Demonising Douglas