Conservative Red Pills

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Today the counter-conservatism arguments of British Socialists tend to go something along these lines, put especially eloquently by Phil (a sociologist who blogs for the Far Left) … “Toryism is a dishonest project. Socialism can come out and openly declare itself to be the movement of the immense majority in the interests of the immense majority. Conservatism has no such luxury. To … Continue reading Conservative Red Pills

Charity Sector in a Mess

BY JAMIE FOSTER Celebrity lawyer “Mr Loophole’ Nick Freeman was attending his old public school reunion dinner when last week’s bad weather prevented him from travelling. This left him with two booked and paid for rooms at a four star hotel in London. Rather than letting them go to waste he asked his daughter to offer the rooms to a homeless charity. His daughter contacted … Continue reading Charity Sector in a Mess

Real Brexit Yoof Unheard

BY SAM HOOPER Nobody represents the post-referendum pro-EU “youthquake” – or at least the mainstream media’s determination to see and portray the uniform attitude of young people towards Brexit – better than Madeleina Kay, also known as “EU Supergirl”. Kay describes herself as an “artist, writer, musician and social activist from Sheffield”, but the vast bulk of her activism began after the EU referendum and focuses … Continue reading Real Brexit Yoof Unheard

Lucy Allan Reborn

BY JOHN ISMAEL Mention the name Lucy Allan to anyone a month back and no doubt they’d mention the slightly creepy Conservative MP for Telford, referring to various dark clouds hovering over her – allegations of bullying, a recorded rant and even a tale of doctored emails. Certainly, Allan did seem to be another new intake recruitment error on behalf of the Conservative Party; so … Continue reading Lucy Allan Reborn