Red & Green

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE The attack on Salman Rushdie should be cause for reflection for us all, especially among the censorious Left; a reminder that people are prepared to risk their lives for the freedoms that they too often casually jettison. There has been much talk of ‘solidarity’, ‘freedom’ and ‘tolerance’ in the wake of this most appalling attack, but warm words ring somewhat hollow when … Continue reading Red & Green

The Scouring of the Shires

BY RORY CRANSTOUN In an episode of Chopper’s Politics, I was unfortunately reminded of Boris Johnson’s plan to usher in a so-called ‘green industrial revolution’ in Britain. Obviously another crypto-globalist fever dream poorly wrapped in Conservative paper, the Tory drive towards ‘net-zero’ is nothing more than another example of the all familiar promises to greenify our society. ‘Green’ public transport. ‘Green’ electric vehicles. ‘Green’ buildings; whatever … Continue reading The Scouring of the Shires

The Truth About Lead Shot

BY BRIAN D DUNN Since the 1980’s a growing political attack on lead as used for shooting sports ammunition has been subject to a massive effort across a very wide base of conspirators driven mainly by animal protectionists backed by Mr Blair’s New Labour government and amazingly evidence exists of Country Sports Representative bodies being implicated as contributors towards the campaign to secure a total … Continue reading The Truth About Lead Shot

The Guardian of Propaganda

BY JENS ULRICH HØGH On the 26th of July 2022 The Guardian published a review of a “documentary” called “Lion Spy”. I reacted to the review – which I saw as more of a contribution to a deliberate campaign against hunting than an actual review – by writing The Guardian a letter. It’s been well over a week and I’ve had no reaction from The … Continue reading The Guardian of Propaganda

Baileys’ Quoque

BY ROGER WATSON I recently introduced readers to a minority movement, described as ‘virus deniers’. They prefer to describe themselves as ‘virus sceptics’ and quickly enact Godwin’s Law (that eventually all arguments end up with someone being compared to Hitler) when the term ‘denier’ is used. For evidence of this see the comments that greeted another similar piece published in The Daily Sceptic. However, they … Continue reading Baileys’ Quoque

The ‘Devolved’ & ‘Reserved’ Admonishment

BY EFFIE DEANS The United Kingdom has various serious problems at the moment. Some of them are short term primarily caused by our response to Covid, others are more long term. Many of us will struggle to heat our homes or drive our cars, because of long term failures in our energy policy. But the greatest threat to the UK and the greatest long-term problem … Continue reading The ‘Devolved’ & ‘Reserved’ Admonishment

Mexico’s Shameful Circus Animal Bloodbath

BY NIGEL BEAN Please spare a thought for the Mexican trainer Nicky Fuentes Ziccolonee (in the photos below) and her beautiful tigers, most of which are now dead. What follows below, from our Mexican friends, is the story of Mexican Circus animals and what happened after the ill thought out Mexican Circus Animals ban: What happened to the animals of Mexican Circuses after the ban? … Continue reading Mexico’s Shameful Circus Animal Bloodbath

Tolkien Reduced to Woke

BY DANIEL JUPP It’s actually heart-warming to read through the comments on an Amazon Prime ad for their Lord of the Rings (The Rings of Power) series. People are ripping the piss out of it. The ad features what I suppose is meant to be either a wizard or a hobbit, maybe Gandalf, maybe Bilbo’s great grandfather. It’s hard to tell because the actor is … Continue reading Tolkien Reduced to Woke

Trophy Hunting & Britain: The Case for a Ban 

BY JOHN NASH A report of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Banning Trophy Hunting June 29, 2022: If you wander into a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Banning Trophy Hunting (APPGBTH), you may be forgiven for thinking you have wandered into the Mos Eisley cantina in Star Wars…it is a smug, tinfoil-hat group of cranks and zealots who suffer from a bizarre, … Continue reading Trophy Hunting & Britain: The Case for a Ban 


BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE Those familiar with George Monbiot’s journalism – to use the word in its loosest and most absurd sense – will know of his strange, almost pathological obsession with farmers. He writes endlessly about abolishing livestock farming and rewilding agricultural land, but shows little care or consideration as to what should happen to the families and communities for whom farming is not just … Continue reading Regenesis

Coming Home

BY STEWART SLATER “It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.” It may seem churlish to drag up Dr Johnson’s dictum on women preaching in the aftermath of the Lionesses’ famous victory. For it was, surely, one of the great British achievements worthy, on the basis of the breathless and ubiquitous coverage, of comparison to the discovery of … Continue reading Coming Home

Truss Must Defend the United Kingdom

BY EFFIE DEANS It is now almost certain that Liz Truss will be the next Prime Minister. Unless something very strange happens, Sunak has already lost.  Her first task is to protect the United Kingdom. Any Prime Minister whose action or inaction leads to the break up of the UK will be remembered for that and that alone. The UK is threatened in two ways. One … Continue reading Truss Must Defend the United Kingdom

Is Human Extinction Inevitable?

BY MEG LEE CHIN There comes a moment when something you only understood intellectually becomes something more tangible. This understanding surpasses the intellect. It becomes something you know in your soul. Prior to the siege of the US Capitol, The idea of human extinction was something I was aware of intellectually. But afterward, I knew in my bones it would one day be inevitable. Trump … Continue reading Is Human Extinction Inevitable?