Beautiful Buxton

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I am not fond of business meetings on Saturdays. I treasure the weekends – time to spend with the family. Nonetheless, a trip to Buxton did seem appealing. The elegant town that is Buxton has been welcoming visitors to enjoy its natural thermal springs and superb setting three hundred metres above sea level since Roman times. Known then as Aquae Arnemetiae, or … Continue reading Beautiful Buxton

Paradise Hidden in a Provencal Forest

BY SOLÈNE PINHOAT Géraldine and Mark Whitcombe-Power welcome all those who love Nature – but specifically those who have not had the good fortune to experience it – at their Domaine des Escavalins where they produce Extra Virgin olive oil. In fact, they are the first ever to be nominated best “Value of the Park” in the National and Regional Park of the Massif de … Continue reading Paradise Hidden in a Provencal Forest