An Important Letter for Steve Barclay

BY MARK CRUDGINGTON Rt Hon Steve Barclay MP, DEFRA Dear Mr Barclay , I am a master gun maker who has for the last 18 months been communicating with your predecessor concerning the proposed ban of lead in rifle and shotgun ammunition against which I am totally opposed. I have also communicated with DEFRA, the HSE, my MP, The Prime Minister and various organisations. In … Continue reading An Important Letter for Steve Barclay

Raptor Agitprop, Wader Persecution

BY BERT BURNETT Dear Editor, Something is fundamentally wrong in ‘conservation’ circles. We have seen huge increases in raptor populations over the last half a century, some species the highest ever recorded. Kites, buzzards, goshawks and sparrowhawks are all on the rise. We have raptor lobbyists claiming eagles are in trouble through persecution when in fact their numbers have apparently risen by approximately 35-40 pair … Continue reading Raptor Agitprop, Wader Persecution

Expose the Terrorists Among Us

BY BEN McCARTHY Dear Squires, This week I noted with interest how Mark Avery of the campaign group Wild Justice turned his nose up at a recent ‘unsettling’ image of the Mendip Hunt Sabs: “It recalls, too readily for me, paramilitary action” is an odd quote from Mr Avery. The other 2/3 of Wild Justice are comprised of outspoken hunt sabs who’ve been posting these … Continue reading Expose the Terrorists Among Us

Letter from the Countryside

Dear Mr Sunak,   The totemic issue of our times is freedom. All political nostra come down to this: Freedom to do what we want – so long as our actions do not physically harm anyone else. The freedom of the individual should be sacrosanct. Yet the freedom to travel, raise a family, start a business, publish and broadcast, to live unfettered is all under threat. … Continue reading Letter from the Countryside

Letter to Ms Regan

Dear Ms Regan, In your contendership for the top job and the SNP leadership you claim that independence has “nothing to do with the UK Government”. You have also elected to dismiss both the Supreme Court ruling and the Scotland Act that say the constitution is reserved to Westminster. Not content with that you decided to embarrass yourself even further by indicating, wrongly of course, … Continue reading Letter to Ms Regan

An Open Letter to Michael Gove: What Did You Really Do in Washington?

BY NIALL McCRAE Dear Mr Gove, Although you are extremely busy, I feel that you should know of a scurrilous notion regarding your recent visit to Washington. It is doing the rounds in certain social media circles that you attended the annual Build-a-Bear convention, which as you know is an obsession of conspiracy theorists, who believe in a New World Order policed by microchip-implanted teddy … Continue reading An Open Letter to Michael Gove: What Did You Really Do in Washington?

Investigative Journalists, Where are You?

BY BERT BURNETT Dear Editor, We have a growing number of people having to choose between heat or food, relying more and more on food banks. Mental health issues are on the up alongside homelessness and child poverty, all apparently created in great part because there is not enough funding to cover the issues. By contrast over the last couple of decades we have seen … Continue reading Investigative Journalists, Where are You?

Welsh Senedd’s Fieldsports Lunacy

Dear Editor, I was shocked to read an article recently which suggested that the Welsh Senedd planned for Wales to be country sports free by 2024. The decision was apparently made together with Natural Resources Wales. Over the next year the Senedd is to look at ways to implement a total ban. When challenged on their announcement, the Senedd refused to make a comment or … Continue reading Welsh Senedd’s Fieldsports Lunacy

Vegans are Killing the Planet

BY KRIS FORD Dear Editor, We suffer an ever-growing boom in “Conservationists” and “Ecologists” trying to save the planet and telling us how to do it in modest and extreme ways. Has anyone pointed out to them that their plans are as dumb as rocks? It has been known for hundreds of years that plants and trees need carbon dioxide (C02) to grow and develop. … Continue reading Vegans are Killing the Planet

The Hypocrites’ Begging Bowl

BY BERT BURNETT Dear Editor, Talk about hypocrisy! Chris Packham, with the blessing of the RSPB are challenging general licences to control crows and calling on a ban to stop killing foxes. The RSPB initially boycotted the Understanding Predation project and tried to scupper the Working for Waders initiative but now that MONEY is available for these projects there they are with begging bowls at … Continue reading The Hypocrites’ Begging Bowl

Fantasy Cartoon Cobblers

BY SARAH GREENWOOD Dear Editor, Having watched the recent ‘Disney’fied production narrated by Chris Packham about ‘fox hunting’, there are some comments about this ‘production’ I would like to draw your attention to: Overall, the Chris Packham et al portrayal of the countryside is misleading, claiming it is a place of ‘tranquility’ and ‘serenity’ with all creatures living in harmony, when it patently is not. … Continue reading Fantasy Cartoon Cobblers

A Letter to My Really Creepy Stalkers

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Dear Timothy and Richard, It’s been a while. On police advice I have diligently kept quiet for over a decade now while my lawyer has amassed a log of your crimes against me, hoping for the day when legislation would catch up with your methods. Today I have decided to speak out as it’s important that the recent escalation in your unhinged … Continue reading A Letter to My Really Creepy Stalkers

Abuse of Courts Needs Punishing

Dear Editor, You will have noticed the sharp rise in crowdfunded legal actions by fringe leftie activists. The Good Law Project is one such activist-run operation, laughingly named. There are dozens of other cases funded by animal rights extremists and their charitable arms. They tend to operate with the tank-chasing variety of legal firms, who are happy to accept their silver. The recent Quorn Hunt … Continue reading Abuse of Courts Needs Punishing

Police are on a Snipe Hunt

Dear Editor, Let us consider this claim from the RSPB: The RSPB’s Investigations Section was instrumental in the creation of the police WCO network. Since then the network has gone from strength to strength. The following figures are now plucked out of thin air, but I suspect that I’m not far wrong. Let’s assume 95% of all reported Wildlife Crimes (WC) aren’t criminal acts. Of the … Continue reading Police are on a Snipe Hunt

Ignore the Deplorables

Dear Editor, I watched a television interview with Jeremy Clarkson recently in which he said that the eco-chuggers kept on getting the law changed thus making farmers’ lives increasingly difficult. Now they are after the gamekeepers and they will be after fishermen soon too. Noone pays much attention to them except for fellow eco-chuggers who have unfortunately infiltrated DEFRA and other organisations like the RSPB. … Continue reading Ignore the Deplorables

What Happened to British Press Standards?

BY JENS ULRICH HØGH Dear Editor, The British press has a vast global audience. Media giants like The Times, The Financial Times, The Guardian, and BBC are highly regarded as credible sources of information around the globe. Rigorous British press standards surely helped to build such a stellar reputation. Unfortunately, I feel that these once high standards seem to be on a slippery slope of … Continue reading What Happened to British Press Standards?