Treejacking is Real in Kent

Dear Editor, I read with interest Nick Pearce’s article on Treejacking in Devon this week. He asks whether it is a genuine phenomenon. Well, I can tell you that Treejacking is far from unheard of here in Kent. Look here, here, here and here. There are also cases reported in Devon. Here is the relevant link to one.   Any natural resource that attains a … Continue reading Treejacking is Real in Kent

BBC & the Countryside

Dear Editor, I have followed your magazine’s recent exposés of the mountebanks masquerading as representatives of animal rights. I commend you and your writers for giving light to the truth. May I suggest that as well as following the money, you also look in depth at my old employer the BBC and show just how it is responsible for repeated attacks on the countryside. Yes, … Continue reading BBC & the Countryside