Country V City Men

BY ROCHELLE BLAKEMAN Having lived in the heart of the sticks and the heart of London’s smog, and possessing the discerning female eye, I have observed a thing or two about the divergent quirks of male behaviour in their opposing natural habitats. Identifying the features and instincts of the opposite sex from both worlds is a practicable art: the country boys referred to being so … Continue reading Country V City Men

They Walk Among Us

BY NIALL MCCRAE Kicked out of a pub in Brighton – what ignominy! This is not a tale of drunken misadventure, but a troubling encounter in the ‘new normal’ of Covid World. Although most restrictions have been relaxed, the government’s behavioural psychology campaign has had lasting impact, marginalising and demonising sceptics in a moral crusade. Five of us had attended a small freedom rally, protesting … Continue reading They Walk Among Us

British Slave Masters & Owners are Long Dead

BY NOEL YAXLEY Should Britain pay reparations for slavery? In recent years this question has come to dominate political discourse and help propel the racial justice movement into the mainstream. During the recent Royal Caribbean tour, Prince William and Kate Middleton were filmed enjoying local cuisine and engaging in a spot of Caribbean culture. But in what was a carefully managed PR campaign, we saw … Continue reading British Slave Masters & Owners are Long Dead

The Conspiracy Theorists

BY ALEX STORY Rare were the occasions when the term “conspiracy theory” was used. Only a few years ago, conspiracies were whispered between last orders, a brawl and a trip to the kebab van, around the corner from the pub. Three such “Conspiracies” stood out: Firstly, Neil Armstrong never actually landed on the Moon in 1969. He and his colleagues in fact, the theory stated, … Continue reading The Conspiracy Theorists


BY JOHN NASH On February 26th, regular readers of CSM will have enjoyed Roger Watson’s delightful spud-bashing memories of child slavery, reminding us all how comfortable UK life has become over the last seventy years or so. Without going as far as Monty Python’s funny Four Yorkshiremen sketch, things were harder then, but, because we are optimistic humans, two things happened. We have banned many dangerous and … Continue reading Greenwoke

Freeze All Russian Assets

THE CITY GRUMP The invasion of Ukraine should have provided the perfect scenario for Boris Johnson to attempt to escape from all those currently and potentially demanding his resignation. As the gangster Putin calls for the “denazification” of Ukraine, here is the PM’s chance to cast himself  in the role of the 21st century’s version of his idol, Churchill. What do we get instead? Yes, that’s … Continue reading Freeze All Russian Assets

Ecofeminism is Ecosexism

BY ROCHELLE BLAKEMAN “Minerva save us from the cloying syrup of coercive compassion! What feminism does not need, it seems to me, is an endless recycling of Doris Day Fifties cliches about noble womanhood.” Camille Paglia, Sex, Art and American Culture It didn’t matter whether you were intrigued, indifferent or making a conscious effort to avoid it at all costs, last month’s Veganuary campaign was … Continue reading Ecofeminism is Ecosexism

Overcoddling Safetyism

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE To lockdown-weary ears, the word ‘safety’ now takes on a rather dark, draconian ring. Such ears, upon hearing Nadine Dorries’ hopes for the UK to become ‘the safest place in the world to go online’, are attuned to decipher that to mean the least free. Safety was, after all, the pretext for which our freedoms were so casually thrown away. According to … Continue reading Overcoddling Safetyism


BY EFFIE DEANS There may have been some former Prime Ministers who were so saintly that everything they said and did in private in 10 Downing Street would have met the standards of probity set by Britain’s media, but I can’t think of one of them. Nor would I or anyone else that I have ever met want to be judged by the content of … Continue reading Mediaocracy

Spare Us from Serious Politicians

BY STEWART SLATER It is time, Bruce Anderson tells readers of The Spectator, for Boris to go. We need a government, not an “ill-run children’s playground”. The time for “frivolity” has passed. No, counters Rory Stewart in the FT. It is not enough for Boris to go, the whole political system must be re-worked so that a Boris can never rise again. We need more … Continue reading Spare Us from Serious Politicians

Why We Should Encourage Downing Street Partying

BY STEWART SLATER Returning to Babylon from India, Alexander the Great marched his army through the Gedrosian Desert. Taking longer than expected, food began to run short, and water ran out. When it appeared that the glorious story of conquest would come to a tragic end under the baking Persian sun, some scouts returned to the army announcing the discovery of an oasis. As proof, … Continue reading Why We Should Encourage Downing Street Partying