Red & Green

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE The attack on Salman Rushdie should be cause for reflection for us all, especially among the censorious Left; a reminder that people are prepared to risk their lives for the freedoms that they too often casually jettison. There has been much talk of ‘solidarity’, ‘freedom’ and ‘tolerance’ in the wake of this most appalling attack, but warm words ring somewhat hollow when … Continue reading Red & Green

Children Are Being Bred into Obedient Drones

BY KAREN HARRADINE & NIALL McCRAE From nomadic tribes to the modern metropolis, human beings have created structure, order and predictability. The metaphorical, social and geographical concepts of family, community and nations are all expressions of the primal human need for a sense of safety and security within a meaningful circle of life. Such traditional bonds and boundaries may be encapsulated as the triumvirate of … Continue reading Children Are Being Bred into Obedient Drones

Lord Ashcroft is Wrong about Trophy Hunting

BY JOHN NASH Earlier in May, The Mail published a piece by Graham Boynton explaining that our beloved government’s proposed Ban on the Importation of Hunting Trophies would be very, very bad for the remote people and wild animals of southern Africa. He wrote that supporters of the ban, including Lord Ashcroft, “have good intentions no doubt but, according to many Africans, their proposals are … Continue reading Lord Ashcroft is Wrong about Trophy Hunting

Activism: A Write-off and Autopsy

BY DUSTIN BROADBERY If Extinction Rebellion is the midlife crisis of activist causes, the war in Ukraine is the crack cocaine of moral high grounds. For those finely attuned to consensual reality, activism is the perfect oasis from which to emulate dissent, while keeping one’s head beneath the parapet. Gone are the old hellraisers on the left stickin’ it to the man. Instead, you have … Continue reading Activism: A Write-off and Autopsy

The Long March Away from the Institutions

BY PATRICK FAGAN Deep in the darkness of the Amazon rainforest, there is a monster known as the zombie-ant fungus. It is a parasite that infects carpenter ants and controls their behaviour for its own ends: under the fungus’ mind control, the ant leaves the safety of its nest, finds a high, humid spot on the underside of a leaf, and attaches itself there while … Continue reading The Long March Away from the Institutions

Country V City Men

BY ROCHELLE BLAKEMAN Having lived in the heart of the sticks and the heart of London’s smog, and possessing the discerning female eye, I have observed a thing or two about the divergent quirks of male behaviour in their opposing natural habitats. Identifying the features and instincts of the opposite sex from both worlds is a practicable art: the country boys referred to being so … Continue reading Country V City Men

They Walk Among Us

BY NIALL MCCRAE Kicked out of a pub in Brighton – what ignominy! This is not a tale of drunken misadventure, but a troubling encounter in the ‘new normal’ of Covid World. Although most restrictions have been relaxed, the government’s behavioural psychology campaign has had lasting impact, marginalising and demonising sceptics in a moral crusade. Five of us had attended a small freedom rally, protesting … Continue reading They Walk Among Us

British Slave Masters & Owners are Long Dead

BY NOEL YAXLEY Should Britain pay reparations for slavery? In recent years this question has come to dominate political discourse and help propel the racial justice movement into the mainstream. During the recent Royal Caribbean tour, Prince William and Kate Middleton were filmed enjoying local cuisine and engaging in a spot of Caribbean culture. But in what was a carefully managed PR campaign, we saw … Continue reading British Slave Masters & Owners are Long Dead

The Conspiracy Theorists

BY ALEX STORY Rare were the occasions when the term “conspiracy theory” was used. Only a few years ago, conspiracies were whispered between last orders, a brawl and a trip to the kebab van, around the corner from the pub. Three such “Conspiracies” stood out: Firstly, Neil Armstrong never actually landed on the Moon in 1969. He and his colleagues in fact, the theory stated, … Continue reading The Conspiracy Theorists