A Prayer of Thanks for Rain


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You and Your families are well and healthy. Happy Fathers Day to all You fathers.

Today the wind is battering the house with rain. The brown grass outside is gradually turning green. Leaves are flying everywhere. And I can see the family car is white – it has been brown with dust these last weeks of incessant sunshine and I’ve refrained from using the hosepipe.

So, this week, let us say thanks for the rain. I know there are certain farmers (not all by any means) who have been praying for rain. Now it is here, let us join them in thanksgiving. We are told there may well be a lot of it.

The way the Australians’ first innings is shaping up, perhaps we need it too.

I wish You all a peaceful and pleasant Sunday. I hope that your week to come is also peaceful and pleasant. God bless You all.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for the rain showers that we experienced this week. Thank You for hearing the cries of so many people and sending the rain to refresh and replenish the earth You created. We thank You for being the compassionate and merciful God who cares for Your people. Gracious Father, You said to be thankful for all things. We are grateful for the rain. Holy Spirit touch the hearts of more believers to join us in prayer about the drought. Forgive those who have not praised You for the rain. Help all of us to be forgiving. Help all us not to yield to temptation and thank You for delivering us from the evil one. You are an awesome God and we praise Your glorious Name! In Jesus’ Name,